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DDoS Testing

A DDoS Test simulates a real DDoS attack against your website or network. The test is run with your participation to check the capabilities of your current security posture. If you have a mitigation system in place we will be able to test its efficacy in mitigating the whole spectrum of real DDoS Attacks.

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MazeBolt’s DDoS Testing has three basic stages:

  • Planning & Scheduling – MazeBolt’s SOC team works with you to understand your needs and tailor the DDoS Tests accordingly (i.e. number of tests, type of tests, bandwidth, geo-distribution and more).
  • Testing – MazeBolt’s SOC team runs the tests with you following in real-time via the User Interface. Your emergency button allows you to stop the tests at any time.
  • Reporting – Once testing is completed MazeBolt issues a DDoS Test Report that highlights points of weakness in your DDoS mitigation with recommendations for further action.

Yes, it’s absolutely legal!

Not only do many Fortune 500 and large organizations regularly use DDoS testing, but in some countries DDoS Testing has become a recommended regulation for validating the organization’s resistance to DDoS attacks.

MazeBolt's DDOS testing is customized to the size and complexity of each organization’s IT network and comprises multiple tests for ongoing and iterative improvements.

Yes, you do.

Penetration testing checks the ability of an attacker to exploit your network and gain access to data. DDoS testing attempts to render systems unavailable or specific mitigation systems redundant (IPS/Firewalls etc.). DDoS Testing complements Penetration testing.

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Yes, you do.

Over 95% of or our customers with mitigation have failed their first DDoS test due to configuration issues they would have discovered during a DDoS attack. DDoS Testing identified weaknesses proactively to allow companies to improve their mitigation.

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Yes, we can.

Testing cloud-based DDoS mitigation services gives companies an opportunity to see how effective the services are and check whether the SLAs in place are adequate to the company’s needs.

Most of our customers using DDoS Testing fit into these two groups:

  • Purchasing DDoS Mitigation – Testing each of the “Best & Final” options to know which best suits their environment.
  • Existing DDoS Mitigation – Testing existing DDoS mitigation proactively to highlight weaknesses ahead of an attack.

No, MazeBolt is completely vendor agnostic.

We do not align ourselves with any vendor and commit to providing customers with 100% objective testing results.

Phishing Awareness

Yes. MazeBolt is ISO 27001 certified and works in compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations.

Yes, you do.

No phishing filtering system can block 100% percent of phishing emails. Complementing this with an ongoing Phishing Awareness Program strengthens your employees’ awareness of Phishing and improves the chances of them identifying phishing attacks.

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The emails are not malicious and do not attempt to exploit a user’s computers or compromise data. They simulate a realistic phishing email in a similar way the bad guys do.

We aim to have the scan results and solutions available through our Dashboard within 24 hours after account verification, however this depends on size and content of the site.

MazeBolt is ISO 27001 certified and take all measures possible to avoid such a scenario with strict verification processes.

If you have any questions relating to this issue please contact us.

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