MazeBolt RADAR™ for MSSPs

Maximize your operations and business potential with an industry-first DDoS solution

MazeBolt RADAR™ 
for MSSPs

The ideal program for innovation, value, and growth

Our MSSP partners fully maximize their ROI potential by diversifying their services offerings with our patented solution, while harnessing our multi-tenancy capabilities, and introducing their clients to the paradigm shift in DDoS security: from reactionary emergency steps during a damaging attack to preventative remediation and complete DDoS attack avoidance.

Don’t just take our word for it:

RADAR for MSSPs is all about success

The MazeBolt team is devoted to our partners. Empowering partnerships are the most lucrative.

Multi-tenancy platform

With full online services coverage, RADAR is the only solution for MSSPs who can now prioritize and manage vulnerability remediation of all DDoS security and OSI layers. Capitalize on RADAR’s centralized multi-tenant management that allows tenant control, account management, and more.

Enable DDoS vulnerability elimination

Offer your clients the only way to prevent a damaging DDoS attack with zero operational downtime while significantly increasing automated protection of existing DDoS mitigation.

Competitive pricing and new opportunities

Enjoy Industry-leading rates to ensure profitability, with a seamless deal registration process and new opportunities for upsells and cross-sells of additional products and services.

An ecosystem built on trust and support

Our dedicated teams support you in identifying strategic accounts and showcasing value with access to our exclusive Partner Portal: Register deals, track opportunity status, train your staff, and experience seamless onboarding.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Utilize dedicated funds to drive awareness and lead generation through co-sponsored conferences, advertising, and hosted events.

Go-To-Market Strategy & Demand Acceleration

Commence solution delivery within days, with a comprehensive onboarding process. Develop targeted sales playbooks, generate demand through a high-visibility partnership launch, and engage your audience using innovative marketing and sales tools with co-branded campaigns.

Case Studies

Leading Gaming Company Gets Back Online

Find out how MazeBolt helped a gaming company combat DDoS attacks. Learn about the challenges they faced, and the protection strategies that delivered DDoS resilience.

A Financial Service Provider Slashes DDoS Vulnerabilities

Having suffered a barrage of attacks and major business disruptions, the client implemented RADAR testing over 150 targets against over 140 attack vectors. 

Learn how MazeBolt RADAR™ helped a major North American insurance company with over 4 million customers and $12 billion in annual revenue. They struggled to maintain 24/7 online availability due to constant DDoS attacks. 

Find out how our customer, a leading European Bank, eliminated DDoS vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. Following the attack, it became clear that critical 24/7 continuous services, online banking, and third-party financial services were at a high risk.

Why partner with MazeBolt?

MazeBolt is pioneering a new standard in DDoS security. RADAR™, an industry-first patented solution, empowers organizations to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in every layer of DDoS protection.

Partners benefiting from RADAR: