MazeBolt RADAR™ 
for Resellers

Drive growth, opportunities, and revenues

MazeBolt Reseller Partnership

The ideal program for a beneficial partnership

As a RADAR reseller, you will offer an industry-first patented solution that is the only DDoS security product that eliminates DDoS vulnerabilities, on every layer of DDoS security, and empowers stakeholders to adopt this transformative approach of automated DDoS security.

DDoS protection alone is vulnerable – MazeBolt RADAR is the only solution that identifies and enables the elimination of DDoS vulnerabilities. Partnering with MazeBolt provides flexibility, long-term strategy, and a built-in advantage for your operation.

Why Join the RADAR for Resellers Program?

Embrace the rapidly accelerating global demand for security solutions and become an industry-leading innovator, offering a revolutionary solution:

Ensure the best ROI

Maximize your client’s existing DDoS protection ROI and automation capabilities. Provide upsell options for additional revenues.

Increase client retention

Expand retention and upsells through practical security requirements, tailored for each business vector.

Enable DDoS vulnerability elimination

Offer the only way to avoid a damaging DDoS attack with zero operational downtime and adopt the new approach of DDoS security with RADAR: Preventative, Proactive, automated Protection.

A unique ecosystem built on trust and support

Leverage the combined capabilities of MazeBolt's marketing, sales, customer success, and technical teams to optimize the full potential of our collaboration.

Your success is our goal

The MazeBolt team is devoted to our partners. Empowering partnerships are the most lucrative.

Why partner with MazeBolt?

MazeBolt is pioneering a new standard in DDoS security. RADAR™, an industry-first patented solution, empowers organizations to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in every layer of DDoS protection.

Partners benefiting from RADAR: