RADAR™: Solving the Critical Challenge of DDoS Security

DDoS protection alone is vulnerable and easy to bypass.
MazeBolt RADAR™ is the only solution that identifies and enables the elimination of DDoS vulnerabilities.

Even with the best DDoS protection solution in place, every organization suffers up to 75% exposure of their online services. The only way to avoid damaging DDoS attacks is to have zero vulnerabilities in the DDoS protections deployed. RADAR performs continuous non-disruptive DDoS testing on all known targets, exposing all unknown DDoS vulnerabilities, while prioritizing remediation that empowers security teams and stakeholders to adopt the new approach to DDoS security: Preventative, Proactive, automated Protection.  

test your
online services

Visualize your entire online services posture and get hard data on all DDoS attack vectors that evade your DDoS protection layers. RADAR simulates tens of thousands of distinct attacks with no disruption to services. Only through identifying vulnerabilities can you avoid a damaging DDoS attack.

Identify vulnerabilities by OSI Layer

With over 150 attack vectors simulated, RADAR tests, uncovers, and validates vulnerabilities in Layers 3, 4, and 7 so that your organization is fully protected against DDoS attacks. RADAR identifies volumetric, low and slow, carpet bombing, and multi-vector attacks such as TCP, UDP, IP-Based, HTTP/S, DNS, NTP, SIP, and other attack vectors. 

Prioritize your vulnerabilities with actionable insights

RADAR prioritizes & manages remediation and validation of DDoS vulnerabilities. Focusing on key vulnerabilities at any given time, RADAR continuously validates all patches and fixes, making sure which are still vulnerable and which have changed to being protected – enabling full visibility into your automated DDoS protection. 

Maximize your DDoS protection’s effectiveness and ROI

RADAR enables DDoS protection to become fully automated and not dependent on manual time-to-mitigation and emergency response time SLAs, thus maximizing ROI on DDoS security investments while gaining cyber insurance premium reductions.