The only source of truth for DDoS readiness

Continuously uncover and remediate your most relevant DDoS vulnerabilities.
Get prioritized and actionable insights. Close the loop from insight to action.

Even with the best DDoS mitigation solution in place, every organization suffers up to 75% exposure of their dynamic DDoS attack surface. RADAR™ testing’s autonomous risk detection allows cybersecurity teams to reinforce their existing DDoS mitigation systems by continuously detecting vulnerabilities and network misconfigurations, analyzing traffic data and prioritizing remediation for true DDoS readiness.

DDoS Vulnerability Gap

Continuously monitor your dynamic DDoS attack surface

Visualize your entire network and get hard data and percentages of all known DDoS attack vectors that evade your DDoS mitigation layers. RADAR testing simulates tens of thousands of distinct attacks with no disruption to services.

Identify Vulnerabilities by OSI Layer

RADAR testing checks vulnerabilities lurking in Layer 3, 4 and 7 so that your organization is fully protected against DDoS attacks. That includes TCP, UDP, IP-Based, HTTP/S, DNS, NTP, SIP, and other attack vectors.

OSI Layer Protection
Mask Group 90

Prioritize Your most relevant vulnerabilities with actionable remediation insights

Focus on the top five attack vectors that affect the largest part of your online services. See the cumulative number of RADAR™ test results for each attack vector per month and which percentage of them are vulnerable, protected or partially protected.

Test and Re-Test Every Attack Vector

Schedule all DDoS attack vectors to be continuously re-tested or disable specific attack vectors from being tested in the future – all without interrupting business continuity.

Mask Group 93