Discover your DDoS Vulnerabilities In
3 Minutes

Discover your DDoS Vulnerabilities in 3 Minutes'. The image features three colored badges representing different security ratings for websites: a red badge with a rating of 20 for '', a yellow badge with a rating of 65 for '', and a green badge with a rating of 90 for ''. Below the badges, a horizontal multicolored bar graph shows the range of protection ratings from 0 to 100.

AI-based DDoS threat
rating platform

Identify vulnerabilities in
your DDoS protection

Non-disruptive, predictive
engine-based analysis

Over 1 million DDoS
vulnerability data points

Understand readiness for
SEC and DORA regulations

Complimentary DDoS threat
rating tool

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Why Rate your DDoS Resilience?

Why Rate your DDoS Resilience?

Even with the best DDoS protection in place, most organizations suffer up to 75% exposure to DDoS threats, with hidden vulnerabilities in layers 3,4, and 7. Thus, organizations are extremely vulnerable to DDoS threats such as TCP, UDP, IP-Based, HTTP/S, DNS, NTP, SIP, and other attack vectors.

By rating your DDoS threat level with MazeBolt DTR, you will:

See DDoS Threat Rating in Action


MazeBolt DTR is based on MazeBolt’s RADAR™ simulation results – from over 1 million simulations on live production environments.

MazeBolt DTR’s data was gathered from tier 1 DDoS protection providers, allowing enterprises to produce the most accurate predictive threat rating that is specific to their environment and DDoS security layers.


MazeBolt DTR provides reliable results using a powerful machine learning algorithm, based on DDoS big data simulations. By continuously learning and adapting to new data, MazeBolt’s DTR algorithm produces accurate results.

MazeBolt DTR is predictive and does not require any network configuration or product onboarding.

Uncover your DDoS risk and gain unparalleled insight into your DDoS protection with MazeBolt DTR.

What is RADAR™ Testing?

MazeBolt is pioneering a new standard in achieving DDoS resilience by providing enterprises with non-disruptive full online services coverage. RADAR™, an industry-first solution, continuously tests tens of thousands of potential DDoS attack entry points, identifying how attackers succeed in bypassing existing protection systems.

MazeBolt RADAR’s autonomous risk detection allows cybersecurity teams to go beyond traditional DDoS testing and proactively uncover blind spots in their protection layers by continuously testing, analyzing, and prioritizing remediation with zero operational downtime.

What is RADAR™ Testing?