Non-Disruptive DDoS Testing

The only reliable way to avoid a damaging attack.
Identify and remediate all DDoS vulnerabilities with
the world’s first non-disruptive DDoS risk solution.

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Online services

Trusted by global enterprises and governments

Visualize and measure every layer of DDoS security with zero downtime

MazeBolt RADAR™ is the only solution that continuously checks every attack vector for vulnerabilities in order to reduce the amount of DDoS attacks that succeed in bypassing DDoS protection. The solution provides enterprises full visibility into their online services, testing tens of thousands of attacks without interrupting business operations.

Understand your true DDoS readiness to avoid a damaging attack

Continuously monitor all layers of your DDoS protection

Discover issues and misconfigurations

Prioritize and manage remediation of vulnerabilities

Achieve true DDoS resilience

Continuously improve your DDoS protection configurations with non-disruptive DDoS testing across your online services with zero downtime. Achieve up to 98% DDoS protection, with all security layers up-to-date against all known DDoS attack vectors.

Maximize return on your existing DDoS protection investment

MazeBolt RADAR eliminates the risk of successful DDoS attacks by continuously scanning every potential attack vector for vulnerabilities. By offering full visibility into an enterprise’s online services posture, the solution can identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities without interrupting business operations. RADAR is an essential solution for enterprises seeking to level-up their current protection systems for the highest level of security. 

Unparalleled Visibility

Gain complete visibility of your online services with continuous RADAR testing.

Identifies and Validates

Test to validate that all your vulnerabilities have been fixed correctly.


Continuously test production environments - with zero operational downtime.

DDoS Protection Agnostic

RADAR works with all DDoS protection providers.