Forget Everything You Know About DDoS Attacks

Eliminate DDoS risk and get total visibility into your attack surface with continuous and non-disruptive RADAR testing.

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Trusted by global enterprises and governments

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Visualize and measure every layer of DDoS security with zero downtime

MazeBolt RADAR testing is the only solution that continuously checks every attack vector for vulnerabilities in order to reduce the amount of DDoS attacks that succeed in bypassing mitigation systems. The solution provides enterprises with full attack surface coverage, testing tens of thousands of attacks without interrupting business operations.

Understand your true DDoS readiness and close the remediation loop

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Continuously evaluate all layers of your mitigation

Discover issues and misconfigurations

Prioritize and manage mitigation remediation

"ING Bank Romania feels much better protected since adding RADAR testing to their DDoS protection solution. RADAR testing is an extremely valuable part of ING Bank Romania’s DDoS protection posture."

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Andrei Cristian,

ING Bank Romania

“RADAR testing dramatically reduced our DDoS vulnerability gap and perfectly complements our existing DDoS mitigation systems, going well beyond traditional DDoS penetration testing.

I strongly recommend RADAR testing to any company that needs to ensure 24/7 availability."

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Yaron Weiss,

Chief Security Officer, Payoneer

"Thanks to RADAR testing we’re able to gain quick and complete visibility of our DDoS attack surface with 24/7 understanding of our entire DDoS vulnerability landscape.

This dramatically reduced our DDoS risk to ensure the Parliamentary election’s integrity." logo

Shay Nahmani,

IT Manager, Gov Israel

"MazeBolt’s team is knowledgeable, professional, and responds rapidly and proactively to issues with excellent all-around communication."

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David Elkayam,

Cyber Analyst , Clal Insurance
Maximize return on your existing mitigation investment

RADAR testing solves the critical DDoS challenge all CISOs and mitigation vendors face: their organization being 30% - 75% vulnerable to DDoS attacks across their dynamic attack surface.

The solution seamlessly works with all the organizations’ mitigation layers, automatically testing DDoS attacks on live environments with ZERO operational downtime. The solution enables patching and re-testing, ensuring all patches are working properly.


Unparalleled Visibility
Gain complete visibility of your DDoS attack surface with continuous RADAR testing.


Identifies and Validates
Test to validate that all of your vulnerabilities have been patched correctly.


Continuously test production environments with zero operational downtime.


DDoS Mitigation Agnostic
RADAR testing works seamlessly with all DDoS mitigation providers.