There is a critical DDoS challenge.

Existing DDoS vulnerabilities are never known.

Why is there this challenge?

DDoS testing requires downtime.

RADAR™ testing is the first of its kind.

Always-on DDoS testing. No downtime. Full coverage.

“RADAR testing dramatically reduced our DDoS vulnerability gap and perfectly complements our existing DDoS mitigation systems, going well beyond traditional DDoS penetration testing.

I strongly recommend RADAR testing to any company that needs to ensure 24/7 availability."

Payoneer logo

Yaron Weiss,

Chief Security Officer, Payoneer

"Thanks to RADAR testing we’re able to gain quick and complete visibility of our DDoS attack surface with 24/7 understanding of our entire DDoS vulnerability landscape.

This dramatically reduced our DDoS risk to ensure the Parliamentary election’s integrity." logo

Shay Nahmani,

IT Manager, Gov Israel

"MazeBolt’s team is knowledgeable, professional, and responds rapidly and proactively to issues with excellent all-around communication."

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David Elkayam,

Cyber Analyst , Clal Insurance

"ING Bank Romania feels much better protected since adding RADAR testing to their DDoS protection solution. RADAR testing is an extremely valuable part of ING Bank Romania’s DDoS protection posture."

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Andrei Cristian,

ING Bank Romania

Upholding the Highest Standards

Get RADAR™ Testing

The most accurate DDoS testing standard, RADAR testing identifies every production DDoS vulnerability, enabling non-disruptive patching and re-testing of patched vulnerabilities.

A Game-Changing Standard

If your organization hasn’t been shut down from a DDoS attack yet, it’s only because no serious threat actor has really tried. With RADAR testing, your organization will be constantly on the lookout for DDoS vulnerabilities.


Gain complete visibility of your DDoS attack surface with continuous RADAR testing.

Constantly testing

RADAR testing is the most accurate DDoS testing standard.


Constantly test production environments – without losing business continuity.

Full attack surface coverage

Run thousands of tests, constantly, across all mitigation systems.

DDoS mitigation agnostic

RADAR testing can be added to any DDoS mitigation provider.

Identifies and validates

Validate if your vulnerabilities have been correctly patched, constantly.

Transform Your DDoS Mitigation
RADAR™ testing solves the critical DDoS challenge all CISOs face. RADAR testing identifies vulnerabilities, enables patching, and then re-tests to make sure the patches are working, all without disruption. It’s also DDoS mitigation agnostic and can be added to your existing DDoS mitigation.
Without RADAR testing, every year less than 1% of your external attack surface is tested for potential DDoS vulnerabilities.

You deserve more.

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