Preferred Remediation Technology Alliance

Ensuring the Best DDoS Protection for Joint Customers

An Industry First Alliance

F5, the global leader in multi – cloud application security and delivery, is now a part of the MazeBolt Preferred Remediation Technology Alliance Program. This program is the first of its kind and the only combined solution on the market that ensures avoidan ce of a damaging DDoS attack, through fully automated and reliable DDoS protection for mutually valued customers.

This technology alliance enables MazeBolt’s and F5’s mutual customers to gain streamlined remediation of DDoS vulnerabilities identified in their online services. MazeBolt RADAR, together with F5, allows organizations to obtain critical information on DDoS vulnerabilities and remediate them quickly, using F5 security solutions.

The Critical Challenge of DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection Configurations

Dynamic IT environments require DDoS protections to be constantly reconfigured to automatically protect.

DDoS attacks 

DDoS attacks increased from 2022 by over 60% in 2023, with more than 16 million attacks predicted in 2024.

Emergency Response 

When DDoS vulnerabilities are not patched, unnecessary damages are inflicted when targeted by an attacker.

Damaging DDoS Downtime

Successful DDoS attacks are a result of unpatched DDoS vulnerabilities.

No DDoS vulnerability

No continuous visibility to vulnerability data.

Downtime Causes Financial Damages

And also reputational losses - both immediate and often a major impact on market cap.

F5 & MazeBolt

A technology alliance to take your DDoS security to the next level
Following the identification of DDoS vulnerabilities by RADAR, remediation reliability and efficiency are key. A preferred remediation vendor is a mitigation provider that’s been identified by MazeBolt as competent and cooperative in facilitating the streamlined process of vulnerability remediation.

This groundbreaking alliance has been selected by governments, banks, stock exchanges, payment providers, insurance companies, and gaming organizations, among others, to achieve zero downtime from DDoS attacks. Combining F5’s solutions with RADAR provides the best protection SLAs available for any customer – an objective of zero-second automated SLAs.

MazeBolt acknowledges that F5 has the ability and capacity to prioritize and remediate DDoS vulnerabilities in a streamlined fashion that ensures the best security available for its customers – thus, empowering stakeholders and security teams to adopt the new transformative approach of automated DDoS security and achieve DDoS resilience.
Adopt the new approach of DDoS security with RADAR: Preventative, Proactive, Automated Protection.