MazeBolt Preferred Remediation Technology Alliance

Ensuring the best DDoS protection for joint customers

MazeBolt RADAR™ for preferred remediation vendors

The only combined solution on the market that ensures avoidance of a damaging DDoS attack

A unique and first-of-its-kind opportunity for DDoS protection companies to build customer confidence, refurbish remediation procedures, and reinvent methods of DDoS vulnerability identification as an innovative solution for mutual customers.

A preferred remediation vendor is a mitigation provider identified by MazeBolt as competent and cooperative in facilitating the streamlined vulnerability remediation process. By working directly with the MazeBolt team, preferred remediation vendors achieve unparalleled visibility into their services and protection layers, continuous validation of manual SLA requirements vs. automated DDoS protections, and new customer confidence and trust levels.

Don’t just take our word for it:

Join the Preferred Remediation Technology Alliance

The preferred remediation technology alliance enables mitigation vendors to provide streamlined remediation of DDoS vulnerabilities identified in their customers’ online services and remediate them quickly, the mitigation provider’s security solutions.

A revolutionary alliance for industry leaders

MazeBolt RADAR™ is a patented solution that empowers DDoS protection providers to patch all vulnerabilities before a damaging attack.

Enable DDoS vulnerability elimination

Prioritize and manage vulnerability remediation of all DDoS security and OSI layers, with detailed reports and full online services coverage, and provide your clients with the only way to avoid a damaging DDoS attack with zero operational downtime.

Achieve zero-second automated SLAs

Achieve automated DDoS protection without downtime and manual TTM (Time-to-Mitigate) SLAs involving emergency response teams.

Build customer confidence

Ensure your customers the best DDoS security by prioritizing and remediating DDoS vulnerabilities in a streamlined fashion.

Boost customer retention

Showcasing streamlined remediation will churn the reduction of customers by proving your commitment to the highest security standards and protection provided by your organization.

Mark the paradigm shift

Adopt the new revolutionary approach of DDoS security with RADAR: from reactionary emergency steps during a damaging attack to preventative remediation and complete DDoS attack avoidance - Preventative, Proactive, automated Protection.


What are the benefits of adding RADAR Testing to your mitigation stack?

MazeBolt RADAR is an industry-first solution for premium customers who want the most reliable mitigation possible when it comes to complete damage avoidance.  RADAR is the only DDoS security solution that eliminates DDoS vulnerabilities, on every layer of DDoS security: 

  • Identify and eliminate all DDoS vulnerabilities.
  • Improve customer retention by providing ongoing proof of the highest security standards & protection. Enjoy significant Upsells by providing compelling data on why customers should purchase the additional solutions. 
  • A preferred remediation partner may result in being preferred by Customers. 

Why should my sales team recommend RADAR to customers?

Recommending RADAR testing will have 2 main impacts:
  • Preventing Churn – If a customer experiences a detrimental incident, it initiates an immediate vendor evaluation process, but such situations can be proactively prevented. 
  • Upsell opportunities – Using RADAR’s data will allow your organization to justify additional product acquisitions. 

Does MazeBolt recommend its partners in the technology alliance as the best mitigation vendors?

MazeBolt is vendor-neutral and works with all DDoS mitigation vendors.  

However, MazeBolt declares a preferred remediation partner when vulnerabilities are identified in the protections deployed, and the vendor proves to be a competent vendor at remediating such vulnerabilities through re-configuring services and solutions. The preferred remediation technology alliance is based on MazeBolt acknowledging a vendor has the ability and capacity to prioritize and close DDoS vulnerabilities in a streamlined fashion that ensures the best possible security available to its customers. 

Is the preferred remediation technology alliance based on shared revenues?

No. DDoS protection providers and MazeBolt have no revenue-sharing model, and this allows MazeBolt to provide the most accurate non-biased security information to our joint customers

What is my first step to becoming a preferred remediation vendor?

How does the alliance work?

Discover the partnership between MazeBolt and F5.

Why partner with MazeBolt?

MazeBolt is pioneering a new standard in DDoS security. RADAR™, an industry-first patented solution, empowers organizations to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in every layer of DDoS protection.