About MazeBolt

Allowing complete and continuous DDoS protection without disruption or downtime.

MazeBolt is a leading innovative cyber security company, and part of the mitigation space.
Offering full DDoS risk detection and elimination. Working with any mitigation system to provide end to end full coverage.
Avoiding downtime and eliminating mitigation vulnerabilities before an attack happens.


The realization that the security field is diverse, complex and fast changing brought MazeBolt to create and continuously update a system that allows our customers to adapt quickly to ever evolving cyber threats and ensure delivery of the best threat assessment available on the market.

Some important aspects incorporated into the MazeBolt product are



Easy adaptability within the product range

Easy adaptability within product range

Detection of new threats in almost real-time

Detection of new threats in real-time

All of these aspects are critical for an effective cyber security threat assessment platform.


MazeBolt's customers come from  enterprise organizations of all sizes and from various cyber security threats. We have implemented our extensive knowledge and hard learned lessons into our products. MazeBolts security platform coupled with its unique methodology provides a way to globally manage, assess and proactively strengthen an organizations resistance to DDoS attacks.

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