About MazeBolt

MazeBolt is an innovation leader in cyber-security and part of the DDoS mitigation space. Offering full DDoS risk detection and elimination and working with any mitigation system to provide end to end full coverage. Supporting organizations in avoiding downtime and closing DDoS vulnerabilities before an attack happens.

Get to know us

Our technology savvy CEO worked for many years in leading cybersecurity companies. Realizing that there is a major, unresolved gap in the DDoS protection systems, he founded MazeBolt with the intent of completely preventing successful DDoS attacks and eliminating the DDoS Vulnerability gap.

The MazeBolt team he gathered around him, is dedicated to strengthening DDoS defenses through continuous innovation and addressing the most pressing cyber security issues.
In 2013 MazeBolt coined the 1st generation of DDoS testing called the BaseLine testing method, which has since been utilized by over 100 Enterprises worldwide and continues to be used today.

Even today the Red Team testing provided by MazeBolt is still considered one of the most efficient methods of traditional DDoS testing. In 2019 MazeBolt released the next generation of DDoS validation, using the patented non-disruptive and continuous RADAR™ technology. 




We strongly believe in supplying visibility and an in-depth understanding of current DDoS security defenses and vulnerabilities.  We focus on closing the DDoS vulnerability gap and keeping defenses validated with no disruption to networks.