About MazeBolt

MazeBolt’s goal is to transform the DDoS protection industry from one that is reactive to proactive. Its patented technology works with your current DDoS mitigation system to identify hundreds, sometimes thousands, of DDoS vulnerabilities. MazeBolt’s RADAR™ solution does this by providing continuous DDoS simulation on your entire attack surface of networks and services without any disruption to your live environment. These DDoS vulnerabilities are then eliminated, reducing your DDoS risk, often by orders of magnitude.

Get To Know Us

Our technology-savvy CEO worked for many years in leading cybersecurity companies. Realizing that there is a major, unresolved gap in the DDoS protection systems, he founded MazeBolt.

We are a team dedicated to strengthening DDoS defenses through continuous innovation and the elimination of DDoS exposure with no interruption to business continuity.


We Strongly Believe

We strongly believe in supplying visibility and an in-depth understanding of current DDoS security defenses and vulnerabilities. We focus on closing the DDoS vulnerability gap and keeping defenses validated with no disruption to networks.