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Helping security providers face the threat assessment challenge!

MazeBolt have established great relationships with partners globally. We understand, through working with our partners daily, they all have the same massive task of proactively preventing cyber attacks against their customers, that is our mission too. Partnering with MazeBolt allows you to quickly and proactively strengthen your customers against the main cyber attack vectors.

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MazeBolt can assist you in addressing the following challenges with your customers:

Complex administration of multiple threat assessment technologies and services

Trying to balance ROI of each vendor selection

Have little to no strategy ready for your customers when they come under a real-time cyber attack

Needing at least 3 vendor channels support departments at a minimum

Invest significant time and energy into deploying or changing your customers cyber security

The data they used to make decisions is sometimes flawed and segregated

Why MazeBolt?

  • Operational in over 70 countries
  • Unified Platform
    MazeBolt is the only platform to uniquely combine the most relevant threat assessment technologies needed to identify and measure an organizations resistance to cyber attacks. The holistic approach makes it easy for you as an MSSP to efficiently focus on the most important next steps in strengthening and validating your customers organization.
  • Measurable KPIs
    TAP provides measurable KPIs for easy annual reporting and keeping you in focus for your customers security.
  • Supporting over 20 languages
    MazeBolt backup our partners in their threat assessment activities to ensure your customers get the best possible value out of each assessment performed.
  • Manage multiple entities
    TAP (Threat Assessment Platform) is suitable for partners that need to manage multiple corporate entities. Using the MazeBolt TAP, it is possible to manage one, or dozens of organizations simultaneously, the MazeBolt TAP provides the scalability and ease of use needed to strengthen and validate all organization entities without any extra effort.

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