The Attack Starts Now (This is Only a Drill)

Why DDoS testing is so critical

Unlike the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks) hitting your system daily, DDoS attacks are few in comparison. Therefore, when a DDoS attack hits, both the systems and the personnel are often unprepared. That’s why DDoS testing is so critical. DDoS testing simulates DDoS attacks against your organization’s IT infrastructure during peacetime to understand and validate if your DDoS defenses work as expected.

With proactive DDoS testing, you can:

  • Avoid downtime
  • Validate DDoS defenses work as expected
  • Train your team to respond to DDoS attacks
  • Validate vendor SLAs
  • Detect configuration issues, for Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks

Your team needs all the practice it can get and your systems all the stress and security tests required to make sure that when you are the victim of a DDoS attack, it either fails or can be addressed quickly enough that it has no impact on your IT infrastructure, reputation or revenue.

The BaseLine testing process to see where your DDoS defenses stand today is broken down into four procedural phases:

1) Identify targets to validate – Understanding your IT infrastructure to validate the systems vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

2) Test plan – MazeBolt provides a test plan containing the details of the BaseLine test, such as rate, attack types, time and targets selected

3) Running the test – In order to not disrupt standard operations, the BaseLine test occurs during a scheduled maintenance period.


The BaseLine testing results can be immediately implemented to strengthen security by fine-tuning configurations on specific DDoS defense systems, such as the on-premise (CPE) DDoS mitigation systems and/or the cloud scrubbing service.

You’ll be able to go back to your vendors with specifics regarding the flaws and demand they deliver on the promises of your SLAs. The tests will also give you a broader picture of ways you can improve your IT architecture. Most critically, the BaseLine testing will show your team exactly what processes and procedures are missing for them to rapidly mitigate any attacks. MazeBolt’s approach is simple. We want to get you before the cybercriminals do.

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