MazeBolt RADAR™ DDoS Testing is now available in Microsoft Azure

At MazeBolt, our mission is to identify and enable remediation of all DDoS vulnerabilities ahead of time.

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Microsoft Azure, giving our mutual customers the ability to use non-disruptive DDoS testing for the first time. This adds a new level of visibility and enables increased protection on Microsoft Azure.

Whether your endpoints are in the cloud or on-premises, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a growing concern. According to a Microsoft Blog, security teams are working against the “relentless efforts of malicious actors to refine their threat tactics and attempt to circumvent DDoS protection strategies”. 

As a result, DDoS attack simulations ongoing, where all current DDoS mitigations are tested and validated, are an essential part of DDoS security-as-usual.

A Powerful Collaboration

Even the most robust DDoS mitigation solutions are not immune to misconfigurations – creating DDoS vulnerabilities that leave your environment at risk of damaging downtime.

With our Azure collaboration, customers can now use MazeBolt RADAR™ to continuously validate their entire external attack surface without any interruption to their production environment, helping assure that Azure DDoS protections are appropriately configured and maximized.

According to Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and cybersecurity expert, “Due to the underlying technology RADAR is built upon, the platform takes DDoS attack simulation to a new level by automatically and continuously using thousands of attack simulations (of all known attack vectors) to identify and enable the elimination of DDoS vulnerabilities before a damaging attack interrupts business continuity.”

MazeBolt customers can now automatically simulate non-disruptive DDoS attacks against Azure-hosted public IP addresses directly from the RADAR platform, deployed within Azure. RADAR will identify DDoS vulnerabilities, provide the insights required for mitigation, and then re-validate those targets and online services to provide peace of mind that any vulnerability identified has been resolved. This process is continuous and persistent, new attack vectors are automatically validated against all Azure endpoints.

Using the MazeBolt RADAR™ patented platform, for the first time, Azure customers can map their entire DDoS attack surface for DDoS vulnerabilities, with zero downtime, and obtain complete assurance that their online services are resistant to DDoS attacks before they occur.

The Benefits of Our Microsoft Collaboration

From the RADAR platform, Azure customers can benefit from extensive reporting and vulnerability management capabilities, including:

  • Prevent financial damages: Customer attrition, reputational damage, direct revenue loss, indirect market CAP loss, can be avoided by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.
  • Cyber Insurance: Premium increases, cyber insurance non-payment (for state actor attacks), insurance premiums can become very expensive, not paid out or potentially not renewed following a damaging DDoS attack.
  • SOC team time saver: Teams can spend weeks trying to figure out why a DDoS attack succeeded.
  • DDoS vulnerability reporting for technical teams: Access a self-service management dashboard, highlighting gaps in DDoS protections and a prioritized list of vulnerabilities identified.
  • Executive management reporting: Gauge progress on vulnerability levels with robust metrics for month-to-month analysis, and a quarterly executive summary.
  • SEC and DORA-compatible reporting: Generate on-demand vulnerability reports that highlight material risk and can be utilized for specific compliance regulations.
  • Multi-tenant integration: Integrate multiple regions (as well as your existing RADAR deployment) with Azure and benefit from a single UI to view, manage and maintain it all.
  • SIEM integration: Utilize your preferred or existing SIEM solution for platform alerts and vulnerability reporting.

Staying Ahead of DDoS Attacks with MazeBolt RADAR™ and Azure DDoS Protection

MazeBolt’s collaboration with Microsoft is a powerful opportunity for today’s security teams to take the risk of DDoS vulnerabilities and damaging downtime in the cloud off the table.

By protecting your online services with continuous, non-disruptive DDoS simulation testing, you can validate Azure DDoS protection before vulnerabilities in protections can be targeted by an active threat actor. Together, MazeBolt RADAR non-disruptive DDoS testing and Azure DDoS protection is a sure route to elevating your incident management response plan and maintaining business continuity with confidence.

Working on Azure and want to benefit from our continuous, non-disruptive DDoS attack simulations? Schedule your demo here and see RADAR in action. 


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