Worldwide List Of DDoS Attacks – October 2021

Worldwide list of DDoS attacks took place during the month of October 2021

Oct 8th
Industry : ISP
Country : UK
Downtime : 1 Day

Size of Company : Small
Company Affected : Voip Unlimited
Attack Details : The large scale attack caused intermittent connectivity and loss of voice services.
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Oct 7th
Industry : Media
Country : Indonesia
Downtime : NA

Size of Company : Small
Company Affected : Project Multatuli
Attack Details : The public journalism site experienced a DDoS attack after it published a disturbing story.
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Oct 6th
Industry : Gaming
Country : USA
Downtime : 1 Hour

Size of Company : Enterprise
Company Affected : Respawn Entertainment
Attack Details : 3 Apex game’s top players experienced latency and downtime but continued to play to win.
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Oct 4th
Industry : ISP
Country : USA
Downtime : 3 Hours

Size of Company : Medium
Company Affected : NITCO
Attack Details : A massive spike in traffic that flooded the network made NITCO’s services unavailable.
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Oct 2nd
Industry : Technology
Country : Netherlands
Downtime : 2 Days

Size of Company : Small
Company Affected : DAN.COM
Attack Details : The `heavier than usual’ DDoS attack spread over 48 hours impacted service for users.
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