Worldwide List Of DDoS Attacks – April 2021

Worldwide list of DDoS attacks that took place during the month of April 2021


Date of attack Country Industry Downtime  Company Affected Size of Company Attack Details Press Link 
Apr 26 Japan Gaming 1 Month Sony Computer Entertainment Enterprise The game LittleBigPlanet has been down for over a month with no fix in sight. Click here
Apr 9 Russia Media 2 Days Proekt Small Proekt has been subjected to DDoS attacks linked to the recent publication of an investigation into real estate. Click here
Apr 4  UK Education Several Months Bradford Learning Network (BLN) Medium Continuous outages have caused chaos in lessons and heightened stress levels for faculty and students. Click here
Apr 2   USA Gaming 3 hours Respawn Entertainment Medium Popular games Titanfall 1 and 2  Titanfall 2 servers experienced downtime preventing players from accessing the games. Click here
Apr 1 USA Technology 3 hours Microsoft Cloud Services Enterprise Microsoft’s entire cloud service offerings suffered an outage caused by a DNS DDoS attack. Click here



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