Unveiling DDoS Threat Rating (DTR)

Despite the widespread deployment of DDoS protection solutions worldwide, the number of damaging attacks continues to increase year by year.

Meet DTR (“DDoS Threat Rating”), a groundbreaking way to rate your DDoS threat level in less than 10 minutes. 

Every organization with online services critical to their business operations is at risk from damaging DDoS downtime, the number one cyber threat to online business continuity. As IT services and infrastructure become more sophisticated, so do attackers, regularly succeeding in shutting down online services, ranging from banks to critical infrastructure. 

Introducing DDoS Threat Rating 

DTR – DDoS Threat Rating – is a new tool from MazeBolt that provides a predictive DDoS threat analysis specific to your environment. DTR is based on MazeBolt’s extensive experience and unique significant data capabilities derived from more than 1 million data points from anonymized attack simulation data on production environments. DTR combines powerful machine learning algorithms using both publicly available environment-specific OSINT data and its own proprietary anonymized vulnerability data. DTR has produced results that, to date, have proven to be over 99.7% accurate during Alpha testing phases. 

By continuously learning and adapting to new data, DTR’s engine produces accurate results without requiring any deployment or actual attack simulations and is a convenient way for any enterprise to assess its DDoS vulnerability level quickly. Running DTR is simple. First, sign in as a new user. Second, confirm your identified targets. And third, run DTR. In less than 3 minutes, your DDoS rating report will be ready to view.  

 The results provide a summary output of the most vulnerable DDoS attack vectors and a rating of your organization’s overall vulnerability level. 

You can now identify how the next DDoS attack could hit your organization – try out DTR and get a new perspective on DDoS vulnerabilities before they stop your online services. 

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