Reduce your DDoS risk to 2% and under

Enterprises deploy DDoS Mitigation to build their defences against DDoS Attacks. Even then, according to Neustar, when comparing Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018, companies see a 200 percent increase of DDoS attacks on average. It clearly shows that DDoS Attacks are a consistent threat to enterprises, and they need to ensure that their DDoS Mitigation works as required to defend their network.


DDoS Penetration Testing (PenTesting)

Typically, in order to build a defence against DDoS attacks, enterprises invest heavily in DDoS Mitigation. Every year enterprises validate the Mitigation Solution by performing PT (PenTesting). DDoS PT is performed once a year during maintenance time when services and networks are halted. A DDoS PT can simulate a maximum of 25 Attack Vectors during a maintenance window lasting 3 hours and cover only a maximum of 5 selected targets (IP or FQDN Addresses)

Why DDoS PenTesting is not enough

There are 2 important aspects to consider when reviewing DDoS defences:

  1. DDoS mitigation is inherently vulnerable. Any DDoS Mitigation Solution that is available in the market today is inherently vulnerable and cannot adapt automatically to changing network parameters.

Unlike other security software, DDoS Mitigation Solutions are not plug and play. For example, when new services are installed, or new servers are added to the existing network – DDoS Mitigation Solution can not adapt/get configured automatically to such changes. Because companies are continuously adding changes to their networks, gaps (vulnerabilities) are created. Those are also called DDoS Mitigation Gaps.

  1. No real-time visibility into vulnerabilities. Just Pentesting cannot bring real-time visibility into the DDoS mitigation to close vulnerabilities created due to changing network parameters.

These DDoS mitigation gaps can occur anywhere in the network spread across enterprise wide operations. Testing just a few (maximum 5) targets in short period of time (3 hours) is not enough.

What’s needed here is to have visibility into the network 24/7 to understand where exactly these DDoS Mitigation Gaps are getting created. Secondly, to continuously defend against DDoS attacks the entire network (and not just a few targets) should be tested to identify the gaps. The report can then be used to ensure that the Mitigation Solution Vendor fixes the vulnerabilities.

DDoS Radar®

Advance your existing DDoS Mitigation.

The DDoS Radar® (DDR) is a transformative DDoS testing technology and the only product able to identify190510 DDR Icon your complete DDoS mitigation gap, ensuring the integrity of your online businesses. DDR advances any kind of DDoS Mitigation Solution and overcomes the limitations of traditional DDoS PT. DDR significantly strengthens an enterprise’s DDoS defences and brings down the DDoS Mitigation Gap to as low as 2% and under.

Unique features of DDoS Radar® include

  • Real-time visibility into DDoS vulnerabilities across web facing network
  • 24×7 Continuous & ongoing DDoS Mitigation Gap detection
  • Doesn’t need a maintenance window as it is real-time & non disruptive
  • Automated DDoS attack simulation
  • Complete attack surface coverage

Want to know more about DDoS Radar? Read strong RoI can be achieved when invested in DDoS Radar.


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