The DDoS Radar®

The Only Continuous 24/7 DDoS Mitigation Gap Detection & Non-disruptive Testing

Enterprises like yours who have a DDoS mitigation setup consisting of either a scrubbing center service (i.e. BGP or DNS based cloud), on premise equipment (CPE) or a hybrid of the two (a combination of cloud and scrubbing).

Irrespective of DDoS vendor or setup architecture, once the DDoS mitigation solution is deployed DDoS Mitigation Gaps (Vulnerabilities) become an inherent part of it and continuously evolve due to:

  • Misconfigured DDoS mitigation policies
  • Any change to the production environment can create a DDoS mitigation gap
  • New, Improved attack vectors
  • Limited Visibility to identify existing DDoS Mitigation Gaps

To sustain system integrity and avoid the serious consequences of a successful DDoS attack enterprises rely on Traditional DDoS Penetration Testing as the best proactive solution, unfortunately this traditional method has many limitations. A few limitations are, it needs a maintenance window and testing of the DDoS attack surface coverage is limited and can be tested just twice a year (max).

DDoS Radar® (DDR) was invented for enterprises who want to bring complete and continuous visibility of their DDoS mitigation gaps. MazeBolt DDR® is a revolutionary automated DDoS testing product that simulates DDoS attacks to perform real-time analysis, continuously 24x7 all while your IT systems are performing tasks as usual.

Testing Parameters Traditional DDoS PT DDoS Radar 24/7
Non-Disruptive to IT operations Requires Maintenance window Yes
Test Frequency ~2 times per year Continuous & Ongoing
DDoS Attack Vectors < 20 > 100
Attack Surface coverage Small fraction of surface (Under 5 IP’s) Complete surface coverage (1000’s IPs)
Potential Attack simulations per year < 40 > 50,000
Vulnerability Reporting Per Test Real Time
Ongoing DDoS Mitigation Gap (Average) > 30%** < 2%*

Traditional DDoS Penetration Testing Vs. MazeBolt DDoS Radar

*Results from time required, for organizations, to close all DDoS mitigation Gaps identified by DDoS Radar

**After at least one year of testing

“An advantage of MazeBolt’s technology deployed , is that it complements our existing DDoS mitigation systems and goes beyond simple testing and assessment. Rather, it provides us with a real time view of our DDoS vulnerabilities, allowing us to mitigate them in a timely manner which was not previously possible. Today our vulnerability rests in single percentage digits (down from over 45%).
I have no hesitation in recommending MazeBolt...”

Chief Security Officer – Payoneer

Why MazeBolt?

  • Testing methodology
    Unique testing methodology has become the de-facto industry standard with its BaseLine and APT testing.
  • Over 12 years of DDoS experience
    MazeBolt's team comes from the top DDoS companies in the market and command a profound insight into all things DDoS related. Our experts have helped design mitigation strategies for fortune 500 and NASDAQ companies, including the mitigation vendors themselves.
  • Vendor agnostic
    MazeBolt does not align with any DDoS mitigation vendor and is one of the only truly DDoS independent vendors.
  • Hundreds of tests completed
    Tested across the industry spectrum including: banking, stock exchanges, e-commerce, gaming, insurance, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, government infrastructure.

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