MazeBolt Unveils Its Beta Version of DDoS Threat Rating (DTR) Solution

MazeBolt, a leading provider of DDoS vulnerability attack simulation solutions, has launched a game-changing beta version of its engine to empower organizations to rethink the ongoing battle against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The introduction of this predictive rating solution comes after more than two years of research through applying AI insights to millions of real-world DDoS vulnerability data points that affect IT systems worldwide. DDoS Threat Rating (DTR) offers a swift and accurate assessment of an organization’s threat level and provides users with actual DDoS vulnerabilities identified with a 99.7% level of accuracy.

Despite the widespread adoption of DDoS protection solutions worldwide, the frequency and intensity of damaging attacks seem to escalate each year. Recognizing the critical need for a preventative defense strategy, MazeBolt introduces DTR as a groundbreaking solution to provide a predictive DDoS threat rating, tailored to individual enterprise environments.

Key Features of DDoS Threat Rating (DTR):

  • Predictive analysis: DTR leverages MazeBolt’s vast experience and unique big data capabilities derived from over 1 million anonymized attack simulation data points on production environments.
  • Powerful machine learning algorithms: combines publicly available OSINT data and proprietary anonymized vulnerability data for a comprehensive predictive threat assessment.
  • High accuracy: DTR has demonstrated during Alpha testing phases an outstanding accuracy rate of over 99.7%, providing organizations with reliable insights into their current DDoS vulnerability levels.
  • Rapid rating and results: In just three minutes, DTR generates a report highlighting the most vulnerable DDoS attack vectors and an overall vulnerability rating for the organization.

Matthew Andriani, CEO and founder of MazeBolt commented, “Our mission is to be the gold standard for preventing damaging DDoS attacks. Through automated, ongoing and non-disruptive DDoS vulnerability attack simulations, we ensure that deployed defenses actually work for our customers, allowing their business to be online and secure even during a real attack.”

He went on to comment about DTR: “The only way to avoid damaging DDoS attacks is to have no vulnerabilities in protections deployed. The MazeBolt DDoS Threat Rating (DTR) provides a rapid assessment for organizations wanting to get an initial understanding existing DDoS vulnerabilities, without any deployment or service interruptions.”

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About MazeBolt:

MazeBolt is pioneering a new approach in DDoS security. MazeBolt RADAR™ is the only solution that identifies and enables the elimination of DDoS vulnerabilities in every layer of DDoS protection, by continuously testing every attack vector across online services, with zero operational downtime. Using RADAR’s patented vulnerability testing technology, enterprises have unparalleled visibility into their DDoS protection solutions so they can be confident that damaging DDoS attacks can be prevented – before they happen.

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