F5 named Preferred Remediation Vendor by MazeBolt for DDoS Security

TEL AVIV, IsraelJune 13, 2023

MazeBolt Technologiesan Israeli company pioneering a first-of-a-kind solution to an important cyber security unmet need, today announced a new technology alliance partnership with F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in multi-cloud application security and delivery. This technology alliance is focused on allowing mutual customers of MazeBolt and F5 to experience streamlined remediation of vulnerabilities identified in their DDoS protections. preferred remediation vendor has been identified by MazeBolt to be competent and cooperative in facilitating this process. MazeBolt RADAR, together with F5, allows companies to obtain critically important information on DDoS vulnerabilities and remediate them quickly.

Successful and damaging DDoS attacks have risen dramatically over the past three years, even with major technological advancements in automated DDoS protection. The cause of damaging attacks is due to DDoS vulnerabilities in the organization’s specific and changing environment which can only be identified with continuous DDoS testing. MazeBolt RADAR technology, for the first time, allows such continuous testing without any disruption to ongoing online services. Following the identification of these vulnerabilities by RADAR, the F5 SOC team works with customers to configure products and services without­­ disruption. This protects customers before such vulnerabilities result in successful attacks. No vulnerabilities in protection mean no damaging attacks.

Since RADAR’s commercial introduction in early 2021, MazeBolt and F5 have been successfully cooperating in this area, protecting large financial institutions,  governments, and digital businesses against DDoS attacks. Customers of MazeBolt and F5 can now enjoy water-tight security without having to rely on emergency response during damaging DDoS attacks.

“F5 is pleased to be recognized by MazeBolt as its preferred remediation vendor based on feedback from our mutual customers as well as MazeBolt’s subject matter experts in DDoS mitigation,” said Brian McHenry, Vice President of Product Management, Web Application, and API Security at F5. “This integrated solution is a great example of F5’s robust partner ecosystem increasing security and making it easier for customers to deal with an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. We look forward to future collaborations with MazeBolt to meet the needs of our joint customers.”

MazeBolt’s CEO, Matthew Andriani stated, “I am proud to announce F5 as our preferred remediation vendor. F5 is a technology leader in DDoS protection and has strong technical teams for closing vulnerabilities identified by our RADAR non-disruptive testing product. It has been a pleasure working with them, and we very much look forward to expanding this very successful collaboration as we bring DDoS protection to a totally new level.”

About MazeBolt 

MazeBolt is pioneering a new standard in achieving DDoS resilience by providing enterprises with non-disruptive, full online services coverage. RADAR™, an industry-first solution, continuously tests tens of thousands of potential DDoS attack entry points, identifying how attackers succeed in bypassing existing protection systems. RADAR’s autonomous risk detection allows cybersecurity teams to go beyond traditional DDoS testing to uncover blind spots and misconfigurations in their protection layers by continuously testing, analyzing, and prioritizing remediation with zero operational downtime. Global enterprises, including financial services, insurance, gaming, and governments, rely on MazeBolt for full visibility into their true DDoS security risk.