Leading Israeli Bank Selects MazeBolt RADAR Testing to Identify DDoS Vulnerabilities

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: November 24, 2022MazeBolt Technologies, the creators of RADAR™ testing, the only solution that enables organizations to see their DDoS vulnerabilities, announced today that another global bank, this time in Israel, has selected MazeBolt for continuous DDoS testing across their entire dynamic attack surface.

This leading Israeli bank joins the ranks of other top-tier Israeli organizations, such as Payoneer, Gov, and Clal, as well as financial institutions across the EU, who have completely transformed their DDoS security readiness.

By implementing MazeBolt’s powerful RADAR testing into its production environment, for the first time, the bank’s cybersecurity team will be able to easily identify up to thousands of hidden vulnerabilities within their organizational assets, continuously and with zero operational downtime.

MazeBolt works closely with their client’s mitigation vendor to guide the closing of the DDoS remediation loop by providing exclusive insights into their previously unknown vulnerabilities while ensuring that the remediation patching was done correctly.

“Due to the dynamic nature of networks and services, DDoS protection is not aware of changes to the environments it is protecting, which leaves a large number of vulnerabilities hidden and unknown,” said Matthew Andriani, CEO of MazeBolt. “Until now, our client had no visibility into their critical vulnerabilities, leaving them completely exposed to DDoS attacks. RADAR testing introduces a new level of visibility into the DDoS attack surface for security teams.” Andriani added, “We’re glad to partner with our clients and their mitigation vendors to solve this major security challenge.”

RADAR testing is an effective way to overcome the ever-increasing DDoS threat. The solution runs tens of thousands of DDoS simulations, against all production services, continuously and non-disruptively, allowing organizations to uncover vulnerabilities, move faster, and take precise action to remediate before being attacked, achieving over 200% improvement in DDoS protection.


About MazeBolt Technologies

MazeBolt is pioneering a new standard in testing DDoS vulnerabilities that provides enterprises with full attack surface coverage. Its solution, RADAR™ testing, continuously observes tens of thousands of potential DDoS attack entry points, identifying how attackers can succeed in bypassing existing mitigation systems. The solution’s autonomous risk detection allows cybersecurity teams to go beyond traditional DDoS testing by continuously detecting, analyzing, and prioritizing remediation across the network with zero operational downtime. Global enterprises, including financial services, insurance, and governments rely on MazeBolt for full visibility into their DDoS security posture. For more information, visit www.mazebolt.com.

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