Taking a DDoS risk-based approach that prioritizes vulnerabilities to reduce the time and effort needed to close only the highest DDoS vulnerabilities. MazeBolt’s DDoS Security Platform offers our patented RADAR™ solution, and comprehensive services.


DDoS Gap Dashboard

Reflecting the DDoS gap in your environment. Displaying the proportion between attack vectors which can bypass mitigation policies to those that can't. The percentage of attack vectors that are vulnerable indicates the extent of the risk factor facing the organization.

Vulnerabilities By OSI Layer Dashboard

Displaying real-time identification of the following vulnerabilities :
Layer 3 – Including any ICMP, IP Fragmented attack or similar
Layer 4 – Including any attack vector that is based only on TCP or UDP
Layer 7 – Any HTTP based attack vector - also including other high-level protocols such as DNS or NTP


The Most Vulnerable Attacks By Number Of Targets Vulnerable

The dashboard provides focused reporting on the highest priority attack vectors.
Top 10 attack vector vulnerabilities are highlighted (according to the number of different targets that are vulnerable to the specific attack vector).

Simulation and Monitoring Dashboard

This real-time dashboard presents the amount of traffic per second sent by MazeBolt's simulation cloud, with the corresponding amount of connections per second that bypassed the current DDoS defenses.

Real Time Simulation


Real time Monitoring and Baseline



Attack Vectors and Results Dashboard

Presenting deep understanding of underlying issues and management of specific attack vectors.
See real time data pertaining to specific targets, attack vectors, dates etc. Schedule attack vector to be re-simulated and/or disable that attack vector from running in the next simulation cycle.