Our DDoS Security Platform offers our patented RADAR™ solution, and comprehensive services. Detecting and prioritizing all ongoing DDoS vulnerabilities. Reducing the time and effort needed to identify and remediate them.

RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports

DDoS Gap

Real-time data of percentages of DDoS attack vectors that can bypass your mitigation policies.

Vulnerabilities By OSI Layer

Real-time identification of DDoS vulnerabilities:
Layer 3 – Including any ICMP, IP Fragmented attack or similar
Layer 4 – Including any attack vector that is based only on TCP or UDP
Layer 7 – Any HTTP based attack vector - also including other high-level protocols such as DNS or NTP

RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports
RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports

Highest Priority Attack Report

Highlighting the top 10 attack vector vulnerabilities.

Simulation And Monitoring

Amount of traffic per second simulated by RADAR™, with the corresponding of connections per second that bypassed the current DDoS defenses.

Real-Time Simulation
Real-time Monitoring and Baseline
RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports

Attack Vectors And Results

Deep dive on specific targets, attack vectors, and dates. Schedule attack vector to be re-simulated and/or disable the attack vector from running in the next simulation cycle.