Our DDoS Security Platform offers our patented RADAR™ solution, and comprehensive services. Detecting and prioritizing all ongoing DDoS vulnerabilities. Reducing the time and effort needed to identify and remediate them.

Mask Group 88

DDoS Gap

Real-time data of percentages of DDoS attack vectors that can bypass your mitigation policies.

RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports

Vulnerabilities By OSI Layer

Real-time identification of DDoS vulnerabilities:

  • Layer 3 – Including any ICMP, IP Fragmented attack or similar
  • Layer 4 – Including any attack vector that is based only on TCP or UDP
  • Layer 7 – Any HTTP based attack vector - also including other high-level protocols such as DNS or NTP
Mask Group 89
RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports
Mask Group 90

Highest Priority Attack Report

Highlighting the top 10 attack vector vulnerabilities.

Simulation And Monitoring

Amount of traffic per second simulated by RADAR™, with the corresponding connections per second that bypassed the current DDoS defenses.

Real-Time Simulation
Group 1075
Real-time Monitoring and Baseline
Group 1076

Attack Vectors And Results

Deep dive on specific targets, attack vectors, and dates. Schedule attack vector to be re-simulated and/or disable the attack vector from running in the next simulation cycle.

Mask Group 93
Let’s cut exposure down to size
MazeBolt empowers CISO's and mitigation service providers. Covering all IP ranges, revealing vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation and suggesting a validated course of action without shutting you down.