DDoS Radar®

Automatically mitigates DDoS vulnerabilities 24x7 ongoing, without disruption and across network.

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Traditional DDoS Pen Testing

Test your DDoS Mitigation

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DDoS Radar®

Slash and Limit DDoS risk to Less than 2% Against an Industry Standard of 48%

DDoS Mitigation does not guarantee 100% security against DDoS attacks. Mainly because it cannot see through the vulnerabilities and exposed `attack’ surface within the underlying network it protects.

Working with any DDoS Mitigation, DDoS Radar® offers advanced vulnerability intelligence to identify and resolve DDoS vulnerabilities before they are exploited. It is critical to include DDoS Radar® in the DDoS Mitigation Protection strategy to maintain DDoS risk at under 2% on a consistent basis, ultimately avoiding any downtime resulting from DDoS attacks.

DDoS Radar® Unique Features

  • The only 24/7 continuous DDoS vulnerabilities detection
  • Real-time, non-disruptive and does not require a maintenance window
  • Works with any DDoS Mitigation technology
  • Complete attack surface coverage
  • EU and US granted Method Patent

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Traditional DDoS Penetration Testing

Strengthen your resistance to DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are designed to negatively affect an organization’s IT infrastructures ability to function as normal and the result will be service downtime and disruption to business operations. MazeBolt’s team is considered a world leader in DDoS expertise and has assisted many large scrubbing centers, financial, governmental and eCommerce companies in both validating and designing proprietary mitigation techniques in the DDoS field.

Why test DDoS defenses?

  • Proactively avoid downtime
  • Validate DDoS defenses work as expected
  • Train your team to respond to DDoS attacks
  • Validate Vendor SLAs
  • Detect configuration issues, for Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks

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