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"As a Global e-payment platform service availability is critical to our success! MazeBolt's DDoS RADAR® dramatically reduced our DDoS Gap and perfectly complements our existing DDoS mitigation systems going well beyond traditional DDoS penetration testing. The DDoS Radar provides real time visibility of our DDoS vulnerabilities, allowing us to optimize our DDoS Risk and mitigate DDoS Attacks in a timely manner which was not previously possible. I strongly recommend MazeBolt's DDoS RADAR®to any company that needs to ensure 24/7 availability"

Yaron Weiss

Chief Security Officer

"Thanks to the DDoS RADAR® we're able to gain quick & complete visibility of our DDoS Threat Surface with real time 24/7 understanding of our entire DDoS vulnerability landscape

The continuous deep insight combined with the level of information and user-friendly reporting provided by the DDoS RADAR®allowed us to dramatically reduce our DDoS risk and ensure the Parliamentary elections' integrity"

Shay Nahmani's IT Manager
Israel Government
ICT Authority commented

Features of DDoS RADAR®®

  • Reduces DDoS risks to under 2%
  • Covers entire network (and not just a few IP addresses) to automatically simulate DDoS attacks.
  • Bridges gap between DDoS Mitigation and Network Configurations changed over a period of time. It brings visibility into complete network.
  • Only product that doesn't need maintenance time to test DDoS mitigation.
  • DDoS RADAR®® works well with any DDoS mitigation posture (CPE, Scrubbing or Hybrid)
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Why MazeBolt?

  • Because Results Matter

    MazeBolt is the only company that can optimize your risk of downtime or service disruption due to DDoS attacks to 2% and under.

  • Vendor agnostic

    MazeBolt does not align with any DDoS mitigation vendor and is one of the only truly DDoS independent vendors.

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