RADAR™ technology automatically detects, analyses and prioritizes remediation of DDoS vulnerabilities across the network.

Reasons current DDoS protection solutions are failing

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1. Networks are dynamic and keep changing

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2. Mitigation solutions don’t reconfigure dynamically

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3. That’s why Mitigation solutions are not detecting ongoing new DDoS vulnerabilities

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4. Red team testing requires a 3 hour maintenance window

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5. Red team tests maximum 5 IP addresses (out of more than 100)

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6. Current DDoS protection solutions cannot simulate live DDoS attacks ongoing on live environments with no downtime

RADAR™ Benefits

DDoS-eliminate DDoS

Eliminate DDoS
vulnerabilities to under 2%

DDoS RADAR-Managed service

Managed service
professional services to guide remediation of identified vulnerabilities

DDoS RADAR-no maintenance

No maintenance
windows required

DDoS RADAR-covering

Covering entire IP ranges
100+ simulations against each IP

DDoS RADAR-more than

More than 50,000
DDoS attack vector simulations annually

DDoS RADAR-quickly

Quickly validates remediation
of configurations

DDoS RADAR-continous

Continuous and automated
non-disruptive detection of DDoS vulnerabilities


How efficient is your DDoS mitigation?
Evaluate now.


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Protect your network from ransom-related DDoS attacks.

Let’s cut exposure down to size
MazeBolt empowers CISO's and mitigation service providers. Covering all IP ranges, revealing vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation and suggesting a validated course of action without shutting you down.