Ultimate DDoS Protection

Get The Ultimate DDoS Protection With RADAR™. The Only 24/7 DDoS Attack Simulator On Live Production Environment Without Any Disruption

RADAR™, a technical breakthrough, patented, covering entire IP ranges, 100 + simulations with no interruptions to business continuity.

3 Steps to Ultimate DDoS Protection

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Vulnerability identification across the complete attack surface, running thousands of non-disruptive smart attack simulations against protections in place to identify the entire vulnerability landscape.

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Guided remediation process and revalidation of specific network vulnerability intelligence collection throughout the process creates a prioritized remediation plan, guiding customers in closing vulnerabilities in the most accurate and effective manner.

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Finally, the system immediately revalidates the protection level, ensuring the highest level of protection is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no forewarning when and how DDoS attacks are launched.  There is also no clear reason for these attacks. Some are financially motivated, others politically and some just for the fun of it. Whatever the reason, attacks once launched can cause serious damage to businesses.   Enterprises that have been attacked have suffered from loss of revenue from downtime, loss of customers from session disruption, and productivity loss. The blog `Simple Steps to Calculate DDoS Attack Costs’ shares relevant information about these costs.