DDoS Mitigation

The only way to eliminate DDoS vulnerabilities is to be constantly testing for them. Most DDoS testing only checks an organization a few times a year for vulnerabilities. That means potential DDoS vulnerabilities in your network aren't constantly being identified - making your organization vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

Overcome the DDoS Vulnerability Gap

These potential vulnerabilities in your network that leak through your DDoS mitigation is what we call the vulnerability gap

Here's why mitigation solutions fail to eliminate this vulnerability gap through traditional DDoS testing:

It's not constant, so new attack vectors continue to evolve every day

It's disruptive, and enterprises demand business continuity

It only occurs a few times a year, and changes in your network are constant

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DDoS Mitigation Postures

DDoS mitigation services include:

- Scrubbing Center (BGP)

- Content Delivery Network (CDN)

- Vendor Appliances (CPE Equipment)

- Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion

- Prevention System (IPS)

- Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Critical Challenge of DDoS Mitigation

DDoS mitigation solutions can eliminate vulnerabilities if they are constantly testing for them. But most mitigation solutions only test a few times a year. In addition, they can only perform these tests during maintenance windows, so your business experiences downtime.

Always-on, constantly testing, and non-disruptive, RADAR testing sets a new standard for DDoS testing - the most accurate standard on the market today.

RADAR™ Testing - The Most Accurate Standard in DDoS Testing

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Detect all DDoS vulnerabilities in a company’s DDoS mitigation posture.

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Generate real-time reports to get continuous visibility of all ongoing DDoS simulations on your live environment ( with no downtime).

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Get alerts of the most critical DDoS vulnerabilities in your DDoS mitigation service provider’s apparatus and architecture.

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Consult the DDoS mitigation service provider to remediate identified vulnerabilities.

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Revalidate any remediations to ensure that all vulnerabilities are eliminated and continue to be eliminated on an ongoing basis.


How efficient is your DDoS mitigation?
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Protect your network from ransom-related DDoS attacks.

A Game-Changing Standard
There is a vulnerability gap every DDoS mitigation has. RADAR testing eliminates it by constantly testing every attack vector against all targets for vulnerabilities, without interrupting business continuity.