MazeBolt offers a range of services, enhancing your DDoS security ecosystem with Red Team Testing, and expert support and help, when and where you need it.

Group 1161

Evaluate human resources & procedures during a successful DDoS attack

Union 6

Evaluate that the equipment deployed can handle the load of a DDoS attack

Union 7

Validate that the BGP diversions work as expected

Union 9

Using industry standard BaseLine DDoS testing method for maximum coverage

Union 11

Real-time response monitoring

Union 12

Executive report summary

Professional Services for Remediation Consulting

You're never alone with our Remediation Consulting Team onboard.

Implementation of new architectural changes to
maximize DDoS protection

Smooth, quick, and reliable liaison with your mitigation company


Customization of attack vectors
to add to RADAR™ -
If your organization requires specific attack
vectors for proprietary reasons

Ongoing consultancy and support


How efficient is your DDoS mitigation?
Evaluate now.


Seeing is believing!

Group 762@3x

Protect your network from ransom-related DDoS attacks.

Let’s cut exposure down to size
MazeBolt empowers CISO's and mitigation service providers. Covering all IP ranges, revealing vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation and suggesting a validated course of action without shutting you down.