MazeBolt Professional Services

Our expert team is ready to deliver the most comprehensive set of professional services. Our technical skillset and comprehensive knowledge of DDoS mitigation are the perfect combination you need to achieve your goal of eliminating DDoS vulnerabilities in your network and ensuring business continuity.

Group 1161

Quick and Easy Deployment

Get RADAR testing installed correctly – the first time – so it works right away.

Union 6

Smooth Remediation

We work closely with your mitigation vendor to explain and validate vulnerability closure.

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Test and Re-Test Changes

Stay up-to-date on the latest changes in your network and their effect on your DDoS vulnerability coverage.

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Ensure Constant Testing

Make sure your DDoS testing is always-on and constantly testing. 

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Stay Ahead of New Attacks

The latest attack vectors are automatically added to your DDoS mitigation coverage.

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Comprehensive Support

Get answers 
to any technical challenges or special requests.

Get the Most Comprehensive Range of Professional Services

You’re never alone with our accuracy-obsessed DDoS testing experts.

Implement new architectural changes for
maximum DDoS protection

Smooth, quick and reliable liaison
with your mitigation company


Customization of specific attack vectors
to add to RADAR™ testing

Ongoing consultancy and comprehensive
customer support


How efficient is your DDoS mitigation?
Evaluate now.


Seeing is believing!

Group 762@3x

Protect your network from ransom-related DDoS attacks.

Supporting Your Need to Be Always-On
Designed for busy enterprises who can’t afford downtime, our full-coverage testing solution is always-on and non-disruptive. And our team is here to deliver on that promise.