Top DDoS Security Influencers you Should Follow in 2022

DDoS attacks have become a global problem and were expected to cross 11 million by the end of last year. Also, as DDoS attacks become more and more sophisticated and cause great damage to many companies, it’s important to remain informed on current news and future trends. Our 2022 five top DDoS Influencers are at the top of their DDoS game, continuously sharing thought-provoking and relevant information on DDoS.


1. Catalin Cimpanu

catalin_cimpanuCatalin Cimpanu is a cybersecurity reporter for The Record. He previously worked at ZDNet and Bleeping Computer, where he became a well-known name in the industry for his constant scoops on new vulnerabilities, cyberattacks, and law enforcement actions against hackers.

In his recent article, Cimpanu says that Dark. IoT, similar to Mirai-based botnets, can launch DDoS attacks using infected systems as proxies to relay malicious traffic.

We’ve included him on our list for his knowledge of all things cyber and DDoS in particular.

Here are a few recent articles of his that are a must-read:

2. Kelly Sheridan 

kelly_sheridanKelly Sheridan is the Staff Editor at Dark Reading, where she focuses on cybersecurity news and analysis. She is a business technology journalist who previously reported for InformationWeek.

Kelly forewarns companies in a recent article that Fancy Lazarus has re-emerged after a brief hiatus with a new email campaign threatening a DDoS attack against businesses that refuse to pay the ransom. She is on our list for candid articles on prevalent cybersecurity challenges enterprises face.

These recent articles of hers are a must-read:

3. Matthew Rosenquist

Matthew Rosenquist is an industry-recmatthew_rosenquistognized pragmatic, passionate, and innovative CISO. He is a trusted advisor, security expert and evangelist for academia, businesses,  and governments around the world.

Matthew Rosenquist is on our list for his deep commitment to security and his service as a public advocate communicating the risks and opportunities emerging in cybersecurity.

These recent articles of his are a must-read:

4. Jonathan Greig

jonathan_greigJonathan Greig, a technology journalist with ZDNet, writes in-depth features that ensure that ZDNet’s readers are up to date with the latest cyber security trends, issues, and events.

Jonathan Greig’s article published in TechRepublic last year titled, ‘Bad actors launched an unprecedented wave of DDoS attacks in 2020 discusses the spike in attacks during the year.

His focus on unbiased journalism has made him a ‘must have’ on our list this year.

These recent articles of his are a must-read:

5. Ravie Lakshmanan

ravie_lakshmananRavie Lakshmanan is a data journalist who covers cybersecurity and privacy at The Hacker News. His work is geared towards cybersecurity, focusing on DDoS and open-source intelligence.

In an interesting article titled, ‘Did you know that Attackers Can Weaponize Firewalls and Middleboxes for Amplified DDoS Attacks’ Lakshmanan emphasizes the fact that weaknesses in the implementation of possible TCP flood protocol in middleboxes and censorship infrastructure could be weaponized as a vector to stage reflected amplification attacks against any target, surpassing many of the existing UDP-based amplification factors to date.

Ravie Lakshmanan is on our list for his informative articles on DDoS attacks.

His recent articles are a must read:

  1. Apache Log4j Vulnerability — Log4Shell — Widely Under Active Attack
  2. Microsoft Fended Off a Record 2.4 Tbps DDoS Attack Targeting Azure Customers
  3. Mēris Botnet Hit Russia’s Yandex With Massive 22 Million RPS DDoS Attack

6. Sergiu Gatlan

sergiu_gatlanSergiu Gatlan, a technology reporter with Bleeping Computer, covers topics related to cybersecurity and technology. Gatlan focuses on infosec / tech news, black-box software testing/performance analysis, and cybersecurity.  

His recent article, ‘Microsoft: Azure customers hit by record DDoS attack in August,’ provides an in-depth analysis of the attack.

Sergiu Gatlan is on our list for his ability to deep-dive into cyber events and provide his readers with relevant information.

His recent articles are a must-read:

  1. Police arrests ransomware affiliate behind high-profile attacks
  2. Amazon explains the cause behind Tuesday’s massive AWS outage
  3. Minecraft rushes out patch for critical Log4j vulnerability

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