List of Top 5 LinkedIn Cybersecurity Influencers – 2021

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and every year we hear of new forms of attacks and disruptive mitigation technologies. Seeing its growing threat and importance, recently, big tech companies have committed to spending billions of dollars on cybersecurity. But what is the latest and where does one have access to the most authentic information related to cybersecurity solutions and services? To browse through tons of content to cull out relevant information requires a lot of effort. This is the reason that the information shared by these LinkedIn leaders who have dedicated a large part of their careers to understanding the dark web, is invaluable for enterprises and end users.


robert_herjavec#1 Robert Herjavec


Robert Herjavec is a dynamic entrepreneur, founder of the Herjavec Group global cybersecurity company, and leading Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

His authoritarian style of writing can be sampled here, ‘Cybersecurity CEO: When Your Company Gets Hacked, Will You Be Prepared?’

Robert excels in complex, multi-technology environments. His LinkedIn posts cover a spectrum of topics ranging from authoritarian opinions to forecasts on managed security services, threat management, and incident response. His style of presenting information which is topical and read-worthy, has earned him over 2.25 million followers on LinkedIn and put him on top of our list of Top 5 LinkedIn Cybersecurity Influencers in 2020 and again now in 2021.

chuck_brooks#2 Chuck Brooks


Chuck Brooks is not new to fame. He has been elected by LinkedIn as a ‘Top Tech Person To Follow’ and ‘Top 5 Cybersecurity Executive to Watch’. He is a Georgetown U Faculty, 2X presidential appointee, and FORBES contributor.

He says, in a recent Forbes article titled, ‘4 Beckoning Cyber-Threat Challenges, that ‘Botnet attacks on smart phones will launch Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to the organization’ and it is this kind of research that has distinguished him as a cybersecurity influencer whose writings have shaped public policy debates.

He is considered a force to reckon with in public policy forums for his views, and discussions when advocating cybersecurity issues in the digital world. Chuck’s wide experience and knowledge of cybersecurity issues plaguing enterprises and governments is shared with all through his LinkedIn posts. His commitment to create a safer cyber world has put him on our list of Top 5 LinkedIn Influencers in 2021. He has over 12 LinkedIn Groups and 75 thousand personal followers on LinkedIn.

bob_carver#3 Bob Carver


Bob holds prestigious certifications such as CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). As a global cybersecurity influencer his areas of interest include cybersecurity risk, architect solutions, threat hunting, and interrupting malicious traffic. His LinkedIn posts echo his commitment to understanding and controlling malicious traffic and increasing security awareness. He says, ‘Good Enough Security is Not Nearly Good Enough’ in his ‘Cybersecurity Predictions and a Wish List for 2021’. His strong opinions on cyber security and privacy related issues have helped him acquire nearly 24 thousand followers on LinkedIn and we just had to add him to our this year’s list of Top 5 LinkedIn Cybersecurity Influencers.

paul_asadoorian-1#4 Paul Asadoorian


For the second year consecutively, we have Paul Asadoorian on our list.   For those who are not aware, Paul Asadoorian’s LinkedIn profile describes him as offensive, having spent several years as a penetration tester. As Founder & CTO of Security Weekly Productions, he leads his team to create the best and most engaging content for the security community. The secret to his cyber knowledge is shared here, ‘Keeping Up With Security News: A Few Of My Secrets’.

He is one of the world’s foremost experts on cybersecurity. Presenting on his Security Weekly podcast network and LinkedIn posts he offers his 24 thousand followers a panoramic view on information security,  ethical hacking, embedded device testing,  and vulnerability management.

 troy_hunt#5 Troy Hunt


Troy Hunt continues to remain on our list of Top 5 LinkedIn Cybersecurity Influencers not without reason. As Founder and Administrator of the ‘Have I Been Pwned’ website his knowledge about data breaches is unsurpassed. This has led Troy to become an industry thought leader in the security space and produce more than twenty top-rated courses for Pluralsight. In a recent article in Verdict magazine, he says, ‘The pandemic has caused dramatic upheaval to businesses, but it has also provided fertile ground for a myriad of cyberattacks’. 

As a cybersecurity thought leader who travels the world speaking and training technology professionals, Troy Hunt is Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valued Professional (MVP) specializing in online security and cloud development. 

He currently has over 18 thousand followers.

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