The Online Integrity of your Digital Transformation

Nothing will ever be as it was.

Enterprises are burning the midnight oil, be it banking or insurance, retail, hospitality or even airlines & transportation companies – they are all going to mind-bending extremes to reinvent themselves.

The Internet, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Social Media and ever demanding, ever connected Millennials are driving companies to redefine their services to ensure that they remain relevant. This is the Digital Transformation (“DX”) and IDC estimate that worldwide investment on DX from 2018 to 2021will a total $5.9 trillion. That’s $5,900 billion.


The Race to Relevance

Heraclitus hit the nail on the head 2,500 years ago by noting that “The only thing constant is change” but even he would be surprised by the relentless pace of change that corporates need to keep up with today, just to stay relevant tomorrow.

Companies are reinventing their offerings, restructuring their business models and realigning themselves on an organizational and operational level to support this new level of dynamic change. These efforts can only be successful if companies respond fast enough and do so in a way that supports continuously adapting themselves and their offerings to the relentless pace of change. All this while developing the corporate and technical ability to continuously push services to customers online.


Securing the Integrity of DX

The integrity of DX is measured in terms of delivery, and delivery starts online with 24/7 availability to users. Making sure websites and online presence are accurately reflecting the investment in DX is one thing, but that’s meaningless if customers and target audiences can’t always access your online services when they need them.


The number one threat to online availability – to the integrity of DX – are DDoS attacks that take services off-line or render them unresponsive.


There’s a Hole in your Bucket

To protect against DDoS attacks, companies are turning to DDoS mitigation solutions that ensure their digitally transformed offerings are available 24/7 to their customers and target audiences “come DDoS attacks or high water”.

DDoS mitigation, however, is inherently vulnerable and constantly eroding.


DDoS mitigation technology isn’t plug & play like other network devices and by design cannot automatically adapt to a changing network.


DDoS mitigation works as long as it’s perfectly configured to the underlying network it’s protecting. But because networks are constantly changing, and ever more so with DX, DDoS mitigation is constantly eroding – creating a DDoS Mitigation Gap – through which DDoS attacks penetrate networks and take down their services.

The Backbone of DX’s Online Integrity

The only way to gain visibility of DDoS Mitigation Gap is by testing it continuously. Up until recently this was impossible due to the disruptive nature of Traditional DDoS testing. The new DDoS RADAR® technology has ZERO impact on ongoing services, making it possible to test DDoS mitigation on production environments 24/7 continuously thus gaining real-time visibility on DDoS Mitigation Gaps so vendors can close them.

DDoS RADAR® is the only Continuous 24/7 DDoS Mitigation Gap Detection & Non-disruptive Testing Product”.

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