Reasons to Prioritize DDoS Protection

Your team has spent hundreds of hours and millions of dollars protecting your organization against the most common cybersecurity attacks, like phishing, malware, and ransomware.


Unfortunately, protecting against DDoS attacks now requires at least the same investment – if not more, as the goal of the attacks is to put your company temporarily out of business.

Here’s what you need to tell management if they question your DDoS protection spending::

The Statistics are Against You

The percent of enterprises experiencing at least one DDoS attack per year is rising consistently, with the most recent figure from Neustar at 84% for 2017 (45% reported more than five attacks per year). Likewise, the overall cost of a successful DDoS attack to the enterprise averages more than $2 million USD.

Strengthen your Cyber Security Standing

 Interestingly, another study by Neustar showed that “Nine in every 10 organizations acknowledged some form of breach or associated activity with DDoS attacks.” This means that cyber criminals and threat actors are regularly using DDoS attacks as a smoke screen.

The stronger your mitigation posture is, the less time your team will spend on DDoS attacks, meaning they can find the other malicious activity more quickly.

Keep Yourself on the Radar

Having your site down is the equivalent of posting a “closed” sign on a store – you cannot serve existing customers, and any potential new customers will be going to a competitor.

Stay in Compliance

GDPR Recital 49 section requires that networks must be available and hardened to resist attacks. Article 32 goes in-depth about the specific requirements as they relate to security levels, availability, and testing processes.

Maintain Control of Your Network

Various components may rely on the availability of your site and service. These components, when under attack, could malfunction in unexpected ways, causing further damages, both financial and reputational.

Defend Yourself Against Threat Actors

DDoS attacks are normally highly targeted events – meaning someone has marked you for attack. You don’t always know why someone is motivated to attack you – politics, economics, trade secrets, bad customer service, or revenge by a former employee – but if they succeed, you face monetary and reputation loss, fines, and much more.

Be Prepared

The reason things are clichés is because they are true. In the case of DDoS attacks, an ounce of prevention outweighs the cost of the cure by many fold.

Proactive BaseLine DDoS testing can help.


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