MazeBolt Publishes State of DDoS Protection Report

Ramat Gan, Israel


MazeBolt Technologies, the market leader in DDoS threat assessment, today announced the release of The State of DDoS Protection Report, the first global independent report of DDoS mitigation effectiveness.

“Since DDoS mitigation started in the late 1990s, enterprises have had little to no visibility on how effective their DDoS mitigation actually is. Quarterly reports from DDoS mitigation vendors provide a wealth of information about DDoS attack frequency, size, geographical origin, and target but not a word about their effectiveness in mitigating these attacks,” says Matthew Andriani, MazeBolt CEO.

State-of-DDoS-Protection-Dec-2018The State of DDoS Protection Report is the first of its kind answering questions like:

  • What DDoS attack vectors penetrated DDoS mitigation the most?
  • Were Scrubbing Solutions more effective than On-prem. mitigation? Were Hybrid Solutions the best?
  • How vulnerable are CDN Solutions to Layer 7 DDoS attacks?
  • How do you objectively measure your DDoS vulnerability (DDoS Gap)?

The State of DDoS Protection Report is based on more than 900 DDoS tests conducted between 2015 and 2017. The report includes the leading DDoS mitigation vendors at enterprises on five continents in industries including financial services, traditional banking, e-commerce, online payment, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, gaming, government, and more.

“MazeBolt is revolutionizing DDoS threat assessment with our new groundbreaking technology, DDoS Radar, and by providing the industry with levels of information and insight that not too long ago enterprises could only dream of,” concluded Mr. Andriani.

About MazeBolt

MazeBolt, the market leader in DDoS threat assessment, is an Israeli Cyber Security company that strengthens companies’ resistance to cyber-attacks. MazeBolt’s pioneering DDoS Testing & Phishing Simulation & Awareness solutions are used by Fortune 1000 & NASDAQ-listed companies in more than 50 countries and are operating in 20 languages.

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