MazeBolt Launches Definitive DDoS Knowledge Base

RAMAT GAN, Israel, November 26, 2018

MazeBolt Technologies, the market leader in DDoS threat assessment, today announced the launch of the largest and most extensive Knowledge base, for all technical and operational related DDoS threat assessment materials.

The Knowledge Base is designed to bridge a gap between customers & IT Network professionals, on the one hand, and DDoS mitigation vendors on the other, to help manage DDoS vulnerabilities most effectively.

“We found that once DDoS testing identified vulnerabilities in customers’ DDoS mitigation postures, what we call the ‘DDoS Gap‘, customers would often need help explaining the DDoS attack vectors details to their DDoS mitigation vendors. Our experience shows that understanding the DDoS attack vector in principle is one thing, but seeing an example provides a different level of understanding.

MazeBolt’s Knowledge Base solves this communication problem by providing all stakeholders a one-stop-shop for all DDoS related materials” said Matthew Andriani, MazeBolt CEO.

Furthermore, the Knowledge Base helps IT professionals identify attacks in real time by providing them with low level descriptions & packet captures (example from SlowLoris) of real DDoS attack vectors.

Matthew Andriani, continued: “This level of analysis proves invaluable when IT Teams face network issues that are suspected as DDoS attacks – one could think of the MazeBolt DDoS Knowledge Base as a DDoS parallel to OWASP, but for DDoS Security related issues.”

MazeBolt’s Knowledge Base includes close to 100 articles about DDoS attacks, with an in-depth Technical Analysis, Screenshots as well as Analysis in WireShark – Filters and sample packet captures for each and every DDoS attack Vector.

About MazeBolt

MazeBolt is an Israeli Cyber Security company that strengthens companies’ resistance to cyber-attacks. MazeBolt’s pioneering DDoS Testing & Phishing Simulation & Awareness solutions are used by Fortune 1000 & NASDAQ listed companies in over 50 countries and are operating in 20 languages.

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