Worldwide List of DDoS Attacks – January 2021

Worldwide list of DDoS attacks took place during the month of January 2021


Date of attack Country Industry Downtime  Company Affected Size of Company Attack Details Press Link 
Jan 22 NA NA 10 Hours 4 of Radware’s customers NA Extortion threat followed by DDoS attacks, with the longest and most powerful one running <10 hours at 237 gigabits per second. Click here
Jan 18 USA Gaming NA Riot Games League Enterprise Reported outages and problems, with login issues. Riot cancelled matches and had to refund money.  Click here
Jan 17 Russia Government 2 Hours  Russian Federal Penitentiary Service NA The website came under massive DDos-attacks causing slowdown and connectivity issues. Click here
Jan 15  USA Social Media Network 7 Days Wimkin Small DDOS attacks disrupted the network, and disabled the Wimkin app.  Click here
Jan 13  Malta Telecom NA Melita Medium The attack resulted in slowdown of internet connectivity across the country, even as the perpetrators looked to extort money. Click here
Jan 12  Brazil Media 6 Days Repórter Brasil Small This investigative news website flooded with traffic forcing it offline multiple times. Click here
Jan 12  USA Internet Browser 6 Days Tor Network Small Tor’s v3 Onion domains went offline and the downtimes affected several onion websites, including Bitcoin services like Wasabi and Bisq. Click here
Jan 7  USA Gaming 2 Hours Blizzard Entertainment Enterprise The attack caused high latency and disconnections, especially for players of World of Warcraft. Click here
Jan 5  USA Education 2 Days Scarsdale School District Enterprise Classes and district operations were disrupted as servers were overloaded with information. Click here


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