7 Reasons Why You Should Simulate a DDoS Attack On Your Site

In the past few years DDoS attacks have become more sophisticated and challenging to IT professionals. We’ve heard a lot about NTP DDoS attacks recently. Many organizations have felt the impact of these attacks which caused significant downtime, ultimately leading to financial loss.


How is it possible that these attacks are not being repelled?

At MazeBolt we’ve seen an overwhelming need for our DDoS Simulation module and have put together a list of 7 reasons why you should simulate a DDoS attack on your website:

1. Be Prepared – Make sure your network and mitigation systems are prepared for the worst situation. Analyze how you can improve your current security posture by understanding your network from a hacker’s perspective. By analyzing the weaknesses in your infrastructure you can implement tighter security measures to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

2. Train the Team – By replicating multiple types of attacks in a simulation, you can learn how to solve any major warps that appear in your network. When the time comes for a real attack on your network or website, your IT team will understand exactly, how to keep the situation under control and mitigate the attack.

3.  Trust but Verify – Trust your vendor’s word that their solution is the best in the market with all the “bells and whistles” and can ultimately mitigate any DDOS attack, great! Now verify. MazeBolt is Vendor neutral and gives you an accurate and unbiased assessment.

4.  ROI (Return on Investment) DDoS mitigation systems cost a lot of money and if they don’t meet expectations, you will not see a sufficient Return on Investment. By testing the capabilities of the solution you have purchased, you know your investment is worthwhile.

5.  Instill Confidence – Be confident that your security infrastructure can actually handle and protect a real security threat after being put to the test. IT personal can only be sure the network is secure after a real-time simulation on the production environment.

6.  Maintain Credibility – Building your brand name takes a long time and can be tarnished very easily. Take the necessary steps to protect your image by implementing a security roadmap for your business. Do not take security on your network or website for granted, you cannot hide downtime!

7.  Be Effective – A DDoS Simulation is the most effective way to understand the minds of criminals and anarchist groups who want to cause damage to your business or organization.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”.

If you don’t test your systems you will never know their true capabilities. Keep testing, Keep improving and Keep safe!


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