Vulnerability Scanning

Identify external vulnerabilities

MazeBolts scanning technology emulates techniques attackers use to penetrate your services by intelligently adapting to your environment. MazeBolts Vulnerability scanning technology is one of the most advanced scanning technologies available. This innovative scanning technique automatically avoids False Positives and allows an organization to focus on real threats and strengthen resistance to cyber attacks.

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Why Scan for Vulnerabilities?

99% of companies experience external vulnerability attacks

Prevent a successful hack of your website or network services

Gain quick understanding of external threat level

Why MazeBolt?

  • Reduces false positives by 99%
    The scanning engine was designed to pre-validate vulnerabilities detected saving users significant time.
  • Increase trust
    Using the MazeBolt trust seal shows your customers a commitment to protecting their data.
  • Requires no deployment
    The MazeBolt scanner runs from the cloud.
  • Scans both Network and Website vulnerabilities
    Validation of website and network services are possible with the scanning technology.
  • Increase vulnerability detection rate
    The MazeBolt scanning engine adapts to the environment it is assessing, increasing both detection and speed to detection of new vulnerabilities.

Case Studies

Customer Profile: Web hosting for SMB's

The Need:
The customer was threatened with legal action from more than one financial institution due to the fact more than a few times servers their customers use were being utilized in a phishing campaign spoofing phishing emails to get user credentials.

The Solution:
The customer added over a hundred IPs to be scanned on the network and application layer to the MazeBolt Threat Assessment Platform (TAP) Vulnerability scanner. The customer wanted to identify ASAP all weak machines and infected machines.

Leaders in Cyber Threat Assessment

Strengthen your resistance to cyber attacks!