Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the way DDoS attacks are mitigated. Enabling companies to continuously eliminate the chances of damaging DDoS attacks. Avoiding successful attacks before they happen, rather than fixing them after. We are committed to an innovative approach, striving for excellence, and continuously ensuring that we encourage and exemplify our company's core values in pursuit of our vision.

Our Core Values


Individual Exceptionalism

Each of us makes a huge impact.
Each of us pursues our own unique knowledge consistently. We believe that a high level of attention to detail, dedication and understanding advances our own personal growth.


Great Team Spirit

Our results are better when we work together. Teamwork flourishes when each of us as individuals take responsibility, contributing towards a successful and positive work environment.



We are precise about our responsibilities and we own them. Each of us is responsible for our own actions and behaviour. We all have a clear understanding of our assigned goals and duties to be executed.



Communication is the key to success in almost everything we do.We strive to be excellent communicators with all stakeholders and at every touchpoint, including our customers, shareholders and colleagues.


Respect and Gratitude

Respect is the key for good communication. We respect ourselves and each other. We owe our customers, shareholders and colleagues, gratitude for putting their trust in us.


Discipline & Focus

Being disciplined and having focus is a winning state of mind. We all realize that self-discipline and focus are critical to planning, execution and delivery. We are laser focused on tasks and goals assigned to us. It is clear to us that without these qualities our workplace is ineffective.



We believe that a diverse environment is a thought enriching one. We understand that bringing people from different backgrounds together, will enhance our problem-solving ability as a company. The flow of different and diverse range of ideas is a major strength to our company.


Resourcefulness & Adaptability

We know how to quickly and efficiently overcome challenges. We're operating in a fast-paced environment with much to tackle and we pride ourselves in using the resources we have developed to conquer the challenges ahead.



Excellence in our product and services is our promise to our customers. We take great satisfaction in our work and ensure that quality is our trademark. Together, through dedication and persistence, we ensure that our customers receive the best product and services.



We believe in our integrity. We take it as a given, that every interaction we have internally and externally with our customers, shareholders and colleagues is always done on the basic premise that we are being forthright in each communication.


Our management believes in creating a people and customer centric company. One that strives for excellence and dedication. Continuously ensuring that we encourage and exemplify our companies core values in our everyday activities. Proactively making sure that the company is working in a diligent and unrelenting manner towards its vision.