You Don’t Want the DDoS Emergency Response team

Do you want the emergency response team to handle the DDoS attack you just got hit with? Or do you want a better solution for your DDoS resilience? Matthew Andriani, CEO of MazeBolt, uncover the truth behind DDoS emergency response teams.

How to Close Your DDoS Vulnerability Gap?

Why is your current DDoS mitigation not enough to prevent DDoS attacks on your organization? Listen to Matthew Andriani explain the importance of remediating your DDoS attack surface vulnerabilities.  

Top 10 Attack Vectors

Top 10 Attack Vectors eBook What are the top 10 DDoS attack vectors out there? Would you believe some of them have risen from the dead to become major threats? Get our new eBook on the top 10 DDoS attack vectors.

Greece as an Example: DDoS Attacks Can Cost Lives

Listen to Matthew Andriani explain the dangers of DDoS attacks, using a recent sad example of the attack on the Greek government. Learn more about these important cybersecurity topics by reading our latest blog posts read more

Webinar: Zero Trust & DDoS | New Policies, Best Practices & How To Implement Them

Expert discussion on Zero Trust and DDoS featuring David Holmes Sr. and Glenn S. Gerstell, delving into the strategic importance, definition, adoption inhibitors, and best practices of Zero Trust. Additionally, they will cover the US Federal Gov’s Zero Trust policy, its effects on government contractors and private sector companies, and the potential for Zero Trust […]