The RADAR™ Testing Platform

Always-on and never down, the MazeBolt RADAR testing platform is the most accurate standard for DDoS testing. A patented solution that constantly tests non-disruptively for all known DDoS vulnerabilities, RADAR testing delivers full DDoS attack surface coverage so that your organization is fully protected against DDoS attacks.

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Overcome Your DDoS Vulnerability Gap

Get real-time hard data and percentages of DDoS attack vectors bypassing your DDoS mitigation. See how RADAR testing delivers increased DDoS protection over time, even as your potential attack surface changes constantly.

RADAR™ testing delivers concise, real-time dashboards and reports

Identify Vulnerabilities by OSI Layer

RADAR testing checks vulnerabilities lurking in Layer 3, 4 and 7 so that your organization is fully protected against DDoS attacks. That includes TCP, UDP, IP-Based, HTTP/S, DNS, NTP, SIP, and other attack vectors.

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RADAR™ concise, real-time dashboards and reports
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Prioritize Your Remediation

Focus on the top five attack vectors that affect the largest part of your online services. See the cumulative number of RADAR™ test results for each attack vector per month and which percentage of them are vulnerable, protected or partially protected.

Detect DDoS Vulnerabilities with No Downtime or Interference

Run DDoS testing against your all your online services to identify vulnerabilities. Simultaneously monitor the current response time to your service to ensure your services are never down and your customer experience is not affected.

Real-Time Simulation
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Real-time Monitoring and Baseline
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Test and Re-Test Every Attack Vector

Schedule all DDoS attack vectors to be continuously re-tested or disable specific attack vectors from being tested in the future – all without interrupting business continuity.

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Always-on. Constantly Testing. Non-Disruptive.
How many DDoS mitigation tests does your organization run every month? Every quarter? RADAR testing is a full-coverage testing solution that is always-on and constantly testing. That’s why it’s the most accurate standard of DDoS testing on the market today.