DDoS Testing

Strengthen your resistance to DDoS attacks

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Phishing Awareness

Strengthen employee resistance to phishing attacks

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DDoS Testing

Strengthen your resistance to DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are designed to negatively affect an organization’s IT infrastructures ability to function as normal and the result will be service downtime and disruption to business operations. MazeBolt’s team is considered a world leader in DDoS expertise and has assisted many large scrubbing centers, financial, governmental and eCommerce companies in both validating and designing proprietary mitigation techniques in the DDoS field.

Why test DDoS defenses?

  • Proactively avoid downtime
  • Validate DDoS defenses work as expected
  • Train your team to respond to DDoS attacks
  • Validate Vendor SLAs
  • Detect configuration issues, for Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks

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Phishing Awareness

Strengthen employee resistance to phishing attacks

Quickly begin raising the level of employee awareness to phishing attacks throughout your organization using the MazeBolt phishing simulator and methodology. MazeBolts methodology is designed to increase engagement in any size organization from the moment you start using it.

Why have a phishing awareness program?

  • Reduce the risk of successful phishing attack
  • Educate employees how to identify phishing
  • Reduce security HR training costs
  • Meet compliance standards

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MazeBolt's dedicated Partner Threat Assessment Platform was design for maximal scalability with ultimate efficiency of your resources in mind!

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About MazeBolt

MazeBolt provides the most relevant and actionable cyber security data to decision makers to help them reliably strengthen their defenses against the constantly changing cyber threat landscape.

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"MazeBolt provides invaluable insight to security personnel to take the correct technological and policy decisions. I've seen that customers using MazeBolt, have significantly strengthened their organizations resistance and awareness to cyber attacks."

- Matthew Andriani
Founder and CEO

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