Worldwide list of DDoS attacks – July 2021

A worldwide list of DDoS attacks that took place during the month of July 2021


Date of attack Country Industry Downtime  Company Affected Size of Company Attack Details Press Link 
July 27 UK Media NA Infosecurity Magazine Small A significant and sustained DDoS attack suspended the Infosecurity website, forcing them to migrate to a new hosting provider Click here
July 23 Russia Media Few Hours Vedomosti Medium The website crashed from a DDoS attack after they published a `opinion editorial’ article. Click here

July 16

Russia Government 1 hr Russian Defense Ministry NA The website was knocked offline and is claimed to be the work of a foreign cyberattack.  Click here
July 9 Ukraine Government NA Defense Ministry portal NA The portal has been DDoS attacked several times but has not experienced any downtime.  Click here
July 8 Gibraltor Gambling 30 Min 888 Sport Enterprise A sustained DDoS attack blocked access to the site and to the live stream of the  Champions League Qualifier game. Click here
July 5 USA Cryptocurrency 2 days NA The website was hit with an “absolutely massive” DDoS attack along with a ransom demand for 0.5 Bitcoin (BTC). Click here
July 1 Russia Telecom NA Rostelecom Enterprise Russian DDoS hackers disrupted President Vladimir Putin’s  annual phone-in causing disruptions to the telecast.

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