The End of DDoS

Leading enterprises are proving that denial of service is not a necessary cyber security evil – it can now be continuously prevented.

Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears

If you’ve played the guitar you probably have your own way of remembering the order of the guitar string notes. My best is the mnemonic `Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears’, and unless you’re one of the lucky few with Absolute Pitch (1 ~ 10,000), you’ll know that hitting the right tune won’t be possible without a tuner.

Imagine what ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto would sound like, if you could never really tune your guitar or violin… More like ‘Stairway to DDoS’ because that’s exactly what’s happening to the effectiveness of your DDoS mitigation over time.

Guitars, Violins & DDoS Mitigation

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Absolute Cyber Pitch among cyber security professionals. Like guitars and violins, DDoS mitigation solutions are not designed to automatically fine-tune their policy configurations whenever changes in the underlying network occur. DDoS mitigation solutions need constant, precise configuration to protect a network from DDoS attacks.

Think of your fixed DDoS mitigation policies that were set originally. Now consider the changes you’ve regularly been making to your network with new device installations & upgrades, new APIs & services and how Digital Transformation (DX) is accelerating these.

Malicious threat actors only need one IP address or FQDN for which DDoS mitigation policies aren’t configured properly, to render an entire network at risk of denial of service. That’s why for DDoS mitigation to effectively protect a network its mitigation policies need to perfectly reflect the changes made to it, down to the IP address level.

where are we at present with best-of-breed DDoS mitigation solutions and no tuner?

  • Online Services: Exposed to Distributed Denial of Service attacks
  • IT Security Teams: In the “DDoS dark” at the worst possible time reactively troubleshoot their DDoS Kill Chain for root causes of disruption.

The End of Distributed Denial of Service

Greater and greater parts of the online economy like e-commerce, banks & financial services, e-payments, gaming as well social media, and the government can’t tolerate denial of service and need perfectly tuned DDoS mitigation solutions that works all of the time.

The next generation of DDoS technology, MazeBolt’s DDoS RADAR™, renders distributed denial of service a thing of the past. By seamlessly integrating with any DDoS mitigation solution, be it, CDN, Cloud Scrubbing, or a CPE on-premise device it allows you to flip the equation on DDoS risk.

Based on patented technology the DDoS RADAR™ continuously runs on production network environments 24/7 without impacting ongoing operations, and automatically identifies DDoS mitigation mismatches that need to be fixed. This way DDoS mitigation vendors always know what configuration changes to make before a DDoS attack, not after, no matter what changes you’ve made to your network or APIs and which services you’ve added.

Once DDoS mitigation configuration changes have been made, the DDoS RADAR™ validates them to ensure they’re watertight and most importantly – that they haven’t inadvertently exposed other IP addresses in the process.

Join the Revolution

Global online payment providers – Payoneer, leading banks, stock markets, as well as Governments, are all using the DDoS RADAR™ and proving that denial of service is not a necessary cyber security evil – it can now be proactively eliminated.

About MazeBolt

MazeBolt is an innovation leader in cybersecurity and part of the DDoS mitigation space. Offering full DDoS risk detection and elimination and working with any mitigation system to provide end-to-end full coverage. Supporting organizations in avoiding downtime and closing DDoS vulnerabilities before an attack happens.

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