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DDoS Protection and Risk

CISOs have the challenging task of protecting businesses from overall cyber threats to avoiding sudden, malicious, and sophisticated DDoS attacks. DDoS mitigation solutions are the preferred solution to help them do so. However, despite regular testing and robust DDoS mitigation solutions, we are witnessing a steady growth in successful damaging DDoS attacks with over 200% increase regardless of size, and across the board in 2020.

Existing DDoS Strategy Is Not Holding Up


Reflecting on this trend of growing attacks in the face of cybersecurity practices, the 2019 Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics® Security Survey says:Forrester_DDOS

  • 52% of global enterprise network security decision-makers reported that their company experienced at least one breach of sensitive data during the past 12 months.
  • 46% suffered some manner of internal incident involving an employee or a third-party business partner.

It all boils down to the grim fact that even with the leading DDoS mitigation systems and regular testing, DDoS damaging attacks are still happening and are seen as one of the top cyber-attack threats today.


Missing the Forest for the Trees

Over the years, it has been an established practice for enterprises to evaluate existing DDoS mitigation solutions and opt for one based on pricing, popularity, features, and robustness. However, it appears that this system may not always work as more and more damaging DDoS attacks continue to occur. No industry segment is spared! Here are August’s most publicized DDoS attacks (most attacks are kept under wraps, as companies fear a loss of reputation and customer churn).

Why Aren’t Mitigation Systems Foolproof?

The main reason for the failure in DDoS mitigation is the approach to mitigation itself, as mitigation solutions do not constantly reconfigure vulnerabilities, leaving their ongoing visibility limited. So troubleshooting only happens when systems are brought down by a damaging DDoS attack. In reality, existing mitigation solutions are all reactive, moving into action after a DDoS attack is launched. This leaves most companies with an ongoing staggering 48% DDoS vulnerability level.

How Do You Stop Damaging DDoS Attacks?

With new and innovative solutions. Innovation in the DDoS arena would translate into the ability to supply real-time DDoS vulnerability data, closing the highest DDoS threats proactively before they are launched and do any damage. A risk-based approach that identifies, assesses and understands vulnerabilities and risks to which an enterprise’s network or application is most exposed to. An added layer on top of current mitigation systems, completing the DDoS security coverage.

MazeBolt’s RADAR™ takes a DDoS risk-based approach, it prioritizes vulnerabilities, so currently installed mitigation systems can reduce the time and effort needed to close the highest risk vulnerabilities. With no downtime or disruptions to an organization’s IT infrastructure and online services.

5-Step DDoS Risk-Based Approach

  1. Detects

    DDoS tests are designed to identify basic vulnerabilities in a company’s DDoS mitigation posture and are run as is without doing any type of disruption.

  2. Generates 

    prioritized real-time reports representing the number of connections per second sent by MazeBolt’s simulation cloud, with the corresponding amount of connections per second that bypassed the current DDoS defenses.

  3. Critical alerts

    highlight the most important DDoS vulnerabilities in the mitigation apparatus and/or architecture, allowing security personnel to make the least amount of changes, and at the same time the biggest impact in strengthening the IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks.

  4. Consultation

    by MazeBolt’s Professional Services team, members are the next step in protection as the consultants guide the mitigation vendor to remediate identified vulnerabilities

  5. Revalidates

    configurations to reduce DDoS Risk to less than 2% In a never-ending cyclical process, the detection to re-validation follows a seamless pattern ensuring ongoing security and reducing DDoS risk for enterprises.


RADAR™ Value Drivers

  • Preventive defense eliminates DDoS Risks before hackers find them
  • Managed service, professional services to guide the remediation process
  • Ongoing Visibility of DDoS risks (w/o a maintenance window)
  • Real-time remediation processes
  • A real-time re-validation of configuration changes

About MazeBolt

Israel-based MazeBolt is an innovation leader in cybersecurity, with over two decades of experience in pioneering DDoS protection solutions. The company’s new flagship product, RADAR™, is a patented, new technology. It offers DDoS protection through automated DDoS simulations on live production, with zero downtime. Working in conjunction with any mitigation solution installed. Its unique capabilities have ensured business continuity and full DDoS security posture for enterprises worldwide including Fortune 1000 & NASDAQ-listed companies.






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